New Achievement -- Refresh X times

  • This game "soft crashes" like every 2 - 5 mins -- while looking fine when you're idle, as soon as you try to set a new schedule or click on something

    you'll realize the game is not responding at all and you need to refresh. On a good day the refresh might last for 30 mins, on a bad day the game is crashed right after the refresh and you need 3 refreshes just to set schedule for a single train.

    It is mysterious to me what is all those HTML5 query all about when this issue is there for months and not fixed.

    But why not have a career achievement / medal that records how many times a player is forced to refresh the game?

    Like 10/50/100/200 refresh per day (medal)

    And 100/500/1000/5000/10000/50000 refreshes in career.