Tutorial for connecting cities

  • Hello everyone, new to the game, confused somewhat, but learning by trial and error right now.

    This task stated, that I had to connect to another city. Well being new, you can imagine the joy I experienced, when I laid the final track that connected to that other city. My balloon burst when I was not offered the prestige points after laying those last tracks.

    Then to make matters worse, after getting a passenger train, it now tells me that a city, not sure if my city or the connecting city, has to be level 5. Could you please set me straight on my wrong thinking at this point in my play. I forgot to mention that my city is level 3 and the city I connected to is level 1.

    Should the tutorial state that somebodies city has to be level 5 before you set out on this task?

  • Sorry to hear of your disappointment. There is usually someone in the World Chat who will help when new players encounter these difficulties. The information that you felt was missing is actually there in the Lucy tasks tutorial. But, people do not always read everything and sometimes if they do it does not register because it does not seem to be relevant at the time of reading.

    The mentor system is supposed to help new players and, if you get given a good mentor, it does. But, unfortunately the AI does not start to allocate mentors to new players immediately the round starts which of course is the time when it is most needed.

    You get immediate benefit, by the way, from connecting to a second city. You become eligible for competitions in that city. This can give you great advantage. So, yes it would be useful if the passenger restriction was made clearer, but, the tutorial might be more relevant if it told you of the immediate benefit of competitions in two or more cities.

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  • Rhoswen, thanks for your reply. I used the chat and lo and behold, my behind connected to a "Land Mark" thinking it was a city. I guess I need to go back to 6th grade geography again