💬 Let's Discuss the XXL Update

  • Hello everyone,

    The dates for the XXL update are here together with huge list of fixed bugs and improvements.

    This will update the game to Rail Nation version

    Click for patch-notes: XXL Update 23.09 - 24.09.2020

    Have a look and let's hear your thoughts :)

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    • Adjusted the chance of winning instant building vouchers in the lottery to 2% and instead increased the chance of winning money.

    If I understand this correct the chance of winning money with lottery tickets will be higher as it is now??

    More useless lottery tickets if that's really so.

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    If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked?

  • The colors were changed for the video button. When there is a active bonus to collect, it will still be displayed in green and if neither bonus nor video is available it is still displayed in grey.

  • The colors were changed for the video button. When there is a active bonus to collect, it will still be displayed in green and if neither bonus nor video is available it is still displayed in grey.

    and nobody could distinguish that before ? light green / dark green. but that no longer fits your entire graphics.. also the buttons were more beautiful before

  • The option in the app is to free up space on the screen. That is an app-only function.
    For the browser there is the minimize option.

    Minimize option but every few minutes or after change from lab to map chat maximize itself. I don't need chat in web version and I would like to turn it off like I can do it in app.

  • Thanks for repainting the building that's on fire, I think. While it is some kind of progress stepping on the little bugs the larger ones have deficated out, when can we expect RN to engage the queen? I should think improved load times and a functioning Plus account that sets schedules for "All" trains would be priority. But what do I know, go ahead and spend the next year painting a new train that no one will give a second thought to when and if they buy it.

    Please, please, please fix the glaring functionality issues before you start cartooning you next marketing plan. All is not well in Rail Nation, no matter how many coats of paint.

  • Exactly Art, the minimize option does nothing! The chat interferes with the game, it makes it run slower because the coding is downright awful, the constant notifications from every single world, language and city chat especially during the end game are downright annoying and intrusive and I just simply want to turn it off when I want to.

    It doesn't seem like a very difficult thing to do, many many players do not even use the chat and would like to be able to turn it off as well. Why .... please give me one good reason why RN refuses to allow us to turn it off???

    I am mindboggled once again :(

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

  • New colors, new animations ( = new lag) that took me some effort to turn off.

    Game still crashes every few minutes.

    Now the competition indicators can get ridiculously large in size (like 1/4 your screen) and block everything.

    Game still crashes every few minutes.

    Scrolling down/up in the train list now becomes significantly slower.

    Game still crashes every few minutes.

    What else to add?

  • * when someone has a full bank the indicator in the widget shows green, with trying to collect the bonus the indicator turns red after using the refresh button of the widget the indicator becomes green again. That should be contstant red with a max bank account.


    full bank is shown green

    when I try to collect it turns into red:

    after using the refresh button of the widget it becomes green again with a full bank:

    * the fold option doesn't work, after the schedule is set it is gone again.

    The game it self runs a bit smoother for me, the loading times of the screens and fora are a bit faster. The loading of the goldshop is still very slow.

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    If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked?

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  • Generally OK, except the crash frequency has gone up, usually when trying to use accumulated research points (i.e more than one). Other than that not too bad.


  • TabeYuriko   Rob_B_UK

    Do these crashes happen on the mobile version of the game?

    I haven't experienced any crashes on the browser version I'm using.

    In any case, it would be very much appreciated (and helpful) if those with crashes contacted our game support to report the issues. This way we can gather information and compare the account details, what makes the game crash for some while others are happily playing the game.

    Here's a link to support: Support : Rail Nation and thank you already for your messages.

  • Samisu

    The game is generally not crashing in the first 3 era -- but by end of era 3 onwards it starts to happen more and more. I guess it is due to the city connected. Have you ever tried connecting to 30 cities or 40?

    I am on PC version and various different new computer that can handle even the latest popular games (Yes -- those "big ones" that are released in past 5 years) yet all of them crash and crash when more cities are connected.

    The "Crash" is, the game looks like still running, but when you try to do something (i.e. set schedule, collect bonus) you will realize the game is not responding, and all you can do is to refresh. It's especially annoying since you can't even tell if it crashed or not until you issued a command.

    Maybe " Soft Freezing" would better describe it.

    And the "every few minutes" is NOT an exaggeration. If I am to file a ticket every time I crashed I would probably create 1000 tickets in a single round (NOT an exaggeration, again).