💬 Let's Discuss the XXL Update

  • Crashed 11 times already since I posted this.

    which browser do you use and is it the most up to date version? And maybe clearing your cache, cookies and internet history might help too.

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  • I agree with Tabe. My game crashes all the time too. I use a desktop PC and have tried both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Makes no difference. When a city levels up it stops me sending trains anywhere unless I reload the game. That is just one example. It also freezes quite often. My computer is not normally slow either. But sometimes the ads are painfully slow to load but not always.. The update has made no difference.

    And the message boards are a total joke.

  • Mobile crashes ALL the time. Any new messages just clog the system, it freezes and the entire phone has to be restarted (can't just 'refresh' or restart the app, the phone needs to be turned completely off and restarted which takes a massive amount of time and it incredibly annoying). This is with the chat turned off which, if on, makes it even worse.

    Web does not 'crash' often but any comp start or again messages, system or otherwise, certain components just don't work and start failing, requiring constant refreshing. I'm up to refreshing every 15 minutes now, and definitely before every comp or worker bid auction. Especially the in-game chat which for some silly, idiotic reason can not be turned off, causes massive memory drains. Even if minimized, it just keeps popping up and freezing the entire game.

    After several years, it just seems to me that the entire messaging and chat system draws way too much energy or memory and kills the entire gaming experience. It needs a complete overhaul or it needs to be turned off.

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  • The XXL update has, for me, been a big disappointment. I can see a few changes but in general absolutely no improvement in the performance of the game. I'm sure one of the improvements they mentioned was to the message system, this seems worse for me now.

    I play on a Mac using Chrome usually but have tried other browsers too.

    There was a lot of hype about this upgrade, it didn't deliver.

  • The green timers are bonusses which can be collected :/:/

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    If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked?

  • Have to say I don't care for the new update at all...running on both mac and android phone and crashes constantly. If I collect video bonuses and attempt to go back and bid on a worker or a license or run a competition b4 restarting the game it doesn't work. While playing on my android phone, the screen will go black for no reason at all and game needs to be restarted.

    Collecting bonuses and watching videos used to be worth the hassle but not anymore. The only prize is money and not even much at that (granted we're still in Era 1). Even collecting bonuses from your other teammates used to be worth it for the free lotto tix but I've gotten maybe 2 free tix and have collected over 300 bonuses for teammates...

    If you are trying to drive away the players who don't pay real money to buy gold to play, you're doing a really good job at that...

  • If you are trying to drive away the players who don't pay real money to buy gold to play, you're doing a really good job at that...

    I have to agree with that staement.

    Any more than 3 or 4 commands and you have to refresh. And as has been posted earlier, you don't know it won't work until it fails a command, so wastes a lot of our time.

    The idea of clearing cache etc..... total rubbish... If we all did that every time Travian thinks we should then we would spend more time clearing cache etc than playing the game.

    Messaging system is still total rubbish, the biggest joke I've ever seen in a game.... It still tells me I have xxx new messages when I've seen most of them earlier.. You still cannot scroll back,,,, well you can but like before could end up anywhere..... 48 hours before is a pretty frequent one..

    You still cannot paste from outside the game, except by using Ctrl +V... You still cannot edit posts you might have made a mistake in, and you cannot delete threads that are no longer needed... ALL things we asked for years ago

    And why does it have to take up half the screen... On a 1440P screen it all looks so large compared to text in any other apps, and NO,,, it is NOT my settings before some smart ass suggests so...

    In fact the only real improvements I've seen are that map scrolling is much better, Refreshes are a bit quicker , as is loading from scratch. We still have to return to lobby far too frequently as it will not just refresh..

    So all in all... the XXL upgrade did virtually nothing to encourage me to carry on playing the game

  • Hey

    I can only say Game runs really nice no problems at all, when U scroll it take a bit longer, but i can see it is already reported.

    But with Crome no ISSUE at all - not before XXL update and NOT after update, i know lot of U out there got problems but for me game runs very well.

  • Hello

    Difficult to connect .... in progress for 2 hours both on the forum and on the servers

    It was a bit slow and it was necessary to refresh from time to time but this is a disaster ....

  • Well, they are expecting us to say only the good things, not the bad ones (= should go to support).

    The map scrolling is better, while the train list scrolling is much worse

    and all those new wrong-sized player icons or competition indicators..

    but yeah the good things is

    when you are already forced to refresh every 3 minutes before the updates

    these "new" bugs doesn't matter to you as you are, repeat, already forced to refresh anyway..

    All hail Refresh Nation

  • And after writing to support you'll get that typical "We have received your suggestion but there is no guarantee whether we will/when we will implement it".

    ...While the Devs are busy working on 10 more "features" that lags the game even worse and nobody ever proposed.

  • When I have slower internet to your servers the new version is worse than the old one.

  • Oh dear, and there was me, along with thousands of others, Mistakenly thinking that the XXL update was meant to give a very much improved overall game.

    RN had become a toil and aggravation to play before the update, certainly NOT the fun that games are meant to be, and it is no more fun to play now after the update.

    And the way that Travian are driving the game, taking little or NO notice of what the paying customers need, makes me think that it is time to find a new game to play.

    Best part of 9 months to deliver an update that was supposed to fix most problems, and actually has fixed very little.....

  • This is getting silly now

    Refresh after a City level up, because most of the time you cannot reschedule trains until you refresh after a level up.

    Removed the City Bonus and then had to refresh again to schedule trains..

    And as for reporting things... All we get is that the bug is already known about.

    We had that for at least 8 months before the XXL update..... Do we have to wait another 8 months for what is already supposed to be fixed, to actually really get fixed ?????

  • Not gonna happen in 8 months, I'm sure Devs are still occupied by 20 new "features" that nobody ever asked for.

    Maybe they'll resize some trains or appearances, change colors, make a new UI of the gold shop that lags even more, add more animations etc....