blue joins red team ,what happens ??

  • ok question for a cacerned player ,,what happens when a blue player joins a red corp or visversa???

    ok anser this ,,,if a blue or red joins a opposite corp what happens ??

  • Well, you are talking about American Dream. So you are a blue player who just joined a "red" corporation. As such all factories that your corporation has the majority in you will have better wait times. When you haul to that city you will increase the tonnage that blue has hauled to a red city. If you just care about leveling the city, then it is no big deal. If you, or more to the point your corporation, is trying to level the city they will usually tell you to go haul to any other city other than the one they are trying to flip. When that city flips and red gets the extra points for the day, you do not. However, if your corporation is working with another corporation, say a blue corporation, when that city flips back to blue, you get the extra points but the rest of the corporation does not. Lastly, if your city wins the EG everyone in the city benefits. If blue wins the scenario you get the extra points but the rest of your team does not and visa versa if red wins. All in all, it really isn't that big of a deal.

  • if i am a blue an join a red corp ,an when it is attked by a blue corp does my progress got to the red or does it go to the blue ??do i help the corp or do i help the other ,when they attked?

  • Ah! Now there is the dilemma! If you haul to your red corporation's red city, you are helping to flip the city to the blue side. The only thing you can do to help your corporation win the city is to help with investments in the factories being used. What you haul goes to your team color not your corporation.

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