Platform X - Enter a new dimension!

  • Dear players,

    Something odd happened this morning. As you enter the office in your station concourse, you recognize something strange. Centered on your table lies a letter wrapped in blue cartridge paper.

    A familiar symbol is engraved on it. An archway, the symbol of the world’s most famous explorer team only known as team X.

    Excited you open the letter and read the following:

    Dear railwayman,

    We have been working on a top-secret project for the last few months and we're finally ready to announce it to the world. We managed to build a sustainable working portal to cross over into a new dimension!

    This new world is very similar to ours, but the laws of nature are different there. They are often twisted or completely distorted.
    We had to adapt and learn a lot, but in the end, we were able to build settlements all over this new dimension which are ready to be colonized.

    Soon, we'll make this gateway into the new world accessible for the public in our new rail station, which will be known as the birthplace of the reinvention of rail journeys and a place of endless opportunity!

    Platform X.

    Now that people from all over the world will colonize our settlements we have to supply them. For that, we need experienced and highly professional adventurers who are capable of learning and adjusting to the new rules of this world. Men and women who are eager to challenge boundaries, without fear of the unknown.

    This is why we sent you this invitation, we have heard you are one of the best railroaders around, so we would like to welcome you to platform X.
    Additionally, we want to give you the opportunity for a subsidy to kickstart your railway association in this new world.

    Sadly the budget is limited and we can only subsidize the best of the best. Your reputation might be high, but of course, we need you to prove that you are the one best suited for this. Below you will find some riddles you need to solve to prove your abilities. Solve the riddles, write down your answer using the following format 1 A, 2 C etc.

    You have time until the opening of Platform X.

    Show up with the invitation and the solved test, and we will open the gates to a new world for you!

    Good luck and best regards,

    Team X.


    • You can participate until 27.10.2020 - 23.59 GMT+1
    • You can only participate once. We will collect all entries from all domains and among the correct answers we will globally reward 25 players with 200 Gold to be used on this Platform X server.
    • In your answer you need to tell us on which PX server you will play AND you need to create your avatar on that server within the first 3 days after server start.
    • Answers will be moderated, so not visible until the contest is over.
    • We will add the Gold within the first 3 days of the server.

    Edit. The prizes will be delivered during the first days November, once we have gone through all the answers on all domains.

  • Riddle 6


    Two men start walking at the same point. They walk in the opposite direction for a distance of 4 meters, then they turn right and walk for 3 meters. What is the distance in meters to each other?

    A. 9

    B. 10

    C. 13

    D. 14

    E. 20

  • Riddle 9


    Which conclusion can you make with absolute certainty after reading these two statements:

    - Only red trains are diesel trains

    - All black trains use the boost

    A. Some black trains run on diesel
    B. Red trains do not use boost
    C. All red trains do use boost

    D. None of the above