Platform X – Share your ideas!

  • This is a VERY big problem.

    That is why the CM Punk proposal is very good. (Willkommen in Platform X)

    The condition of active players must be more adequate.

  • Platform X scenario solved one BIG problem that was: opportunistic investors in ALL factories in last minutes before factory grows and majority breaking only for "stealing" some prestige points and in that way to compromise or even ruin the effort and the time invested by many players from the "working" associations. As I can see this habit of a player to break majorities in factories that he don't use disappeared. So that I saw no more majority fights in the game. Very good.

    This is only true because players like myself where busy playing Masters and were only logging into Platform X twice a day. That being said, when I did log in I would find the factories that were about to level up and take the top investment spot for the prestige. In fact, an observation I had from my limited time is that you could set your trains up for money runs, lay lots of track and get into the top 20 mostly via investing. So nice try but show me a new set of rules and I will find a way to exploit them ;)

  • Now that Platform X is over, how do I transfer the gold to another server? Do I have to wait for the second round to be complete or is the gold transferable now?

    Oh, and no I will not be playing a second round after that abortion of a round!

  • Project X is the biggest change in the game in a long time.

    I hope this remains a permanent platform for future concept tests.

    Because the game needs such a thing.

    I am glad to be a participant in this great project.

    I will share some of my impressions from the first round of the project.

    It is clear that this is the right direction of development.

    1) Balance of PP

    I am glad that there is already a PP for deliveries in the industries.

    Even better if it becomes x2.

    These changes really give more weight to the city's builders. This makes me happy.

    But you have to work hard to balance.

    Passengers should not have an absolute advantage over cargo carriers. In this situation, the passengers are now the gods of the scenario.

    In one day you can get prestige from several cities with passengers.

    In one day it is not certain that you will get the prestige of 1 city with cargo!

    The PP for passengers can be reduced or the PP for Cargo can be increased.

    PP should be given to the builders of the city.

    These are the players who help 2-6 hours before the city grows.

    Therefore, the PP should be given only for deliveries in the last 3-6 hours before the new level.

    The city does not benefit from deliveries made 12-24-36-72 + hours before growth.

    This will give a powerful incentive for active play and mutual assistance for the growth of neighboring cities.

    Such a change will make the game alive!

    * It can be realized by losing 5% of the delivered tonnage every 15 minutes.

    2) Active players

    This is a whole new way of defining them. This is great.

    These are some of the greatest changes. This is the right direction.

    But like any beginning, it's hard.

    Much has been written on this topic.

    There is a lot to adjust to become objective. Because now it's a crash in the final.

    These changes did not give small cities a chance to fight the big ones.

    In addition, they provide great opportunities for manipulation and attacks.

    But the battle between the cities was definitely better balanced.

    It is clear that this is the right direction of development.

  • Yes, platform X is a step in the right direction that needs tweaking.

    I am glad that there is already a PP for deliveries in the industries.

    Even better if it becomes x2.

    Or decrease PP from investments. Need to increase incentive for integrated hauling and decrease for investments.

    One thing I would add would be increasing the PP for deliveries of raw goods with no supplies. (deliveries to both cities and suppling other industry)

    PP should be given to the builders of the city.

    These are the players who help 2-6 hours before the city grows.

    Therefore, the PP should be given only for deliveries in the last 3-6 hours before the new level.

    The city does not benefit from deliveries made 12-24-36-72 + hours before growth.

    I am sorry, but I don't agree. First of all, every player has different levels of activity and this would penalize some if they hauled RG's and built a solid base of the RG in the city but had to go to work and was not online when the city caller decided to switch to direct haul for leveling, for example. You can use any example for why a player could not be able to be online. Also, I feel that deliveries of RG's made from 6 to 12 to 24 hours before city growth do benefit the city, because the provide a base from which to make a city level up attempt. i.e. Would you want to have the city caller call for a level up with 0t in the warehouses or when the levels are starting to touch yellow at consumption. So a player does deserve to be rewarded for that hauling.

    With regards to active players, something needs to be done for the EG. As brilliant a move as the /Mihai Maneuver was, taking a 1+ hour break at each set change just isn't right.

    Reducing tonnage requirements and consumption during the EG would be a step in the right direction to reduce the need to shed active players by taking a break.

    Those are my thoughts, hope they made sense.

  • Dump that Platform X in a deep hole and cover it with enough sand so it will be gone forever. You should expect that this play style was tested 200% before use it as a life server.

    I am more than done with it after the awful result it gave in server Rosen, despite the 400 Gold we all become in compensation.

    It was more realistic they restart the endgame over that gold.

  • in my opinion, all cities counted for the final, should all carry the same amount of tonnage as the city placed first, regardless of whether the city has 1 or 1000 players connected. if the city placed first had to transport 10,000 Tons , all others would also have to carry 10,000 tonnes.

    to think that a city that has 300 players connected is stronger than one that only has 50, is pure deception.

    thus, we would no longer have, cities to be left behind on purpose and so they would all go up as many levels as possible in their hometown.

  • This is possibly radical, but, might be worth thinking about. I cannot find the message to quote, but, someone pointed out that for many the End Game is "not that important". So, how about separating the End Game from the main game much as how the Masters is run.

    After the main game, close the round for everyone. Then reopen the map with all none Mega cities and passengers deactivated and all non-qualified players removed. Reset all waiting times and prestige to zero.

    For example, To qualify a player:-

    must have set a mega city as home city,

    must have acquired a significant level of prestige and

    must have played at least one full era - Era 6.

    For the End Game, only deliveries to the home city will count towards city quota and towards End Game prestige.

    This would make the end game a straightforward competition between the top ten cities.

    Obviously prestige and round prestige winners should be declared at the end of the main round with different rewards for playing the End game round.

    This is just a rough basic idea formed while in hospital under the influence! <X Lovely Oramorph! :S

    In this world there is nothing softer or thinner than Water.

    But to compel the Hard and Unyielding it has no equal.


  • I'm afraid the Platform X project has destroyed the RN approach. Obviously, many people don't like the way they tackled human fraud during the finals.

    Wheleer first round +3500 players

    Wheleer second round of less than 900 players

  • Project X is just an experimental server.

    To test new changes in real conditions.

    And according to Bruno, 2 rounds will be played with equal conditions.

    Then ... other conditions are tested for another 2 rounds ....

  • we have seen it live, what such testing looks like and what the results are

    If the RN does not take responsibility for its mistakes, more and more players will lose their meaning with something like this.

    It is understandable that mistakes can occur in a new thing, but it is necessary to take responsibility for it. Not out of people pull money and then say sorry

  • Do not be afraid!

    They observe and analyze.

    That's why these rounds are played.

    After the second round there will be an inquiry to the players for their opinion.

    As you can see from Bruno_BF 's statement ... they are paying attention to all this

    Willkommen in Platform X (DE)

    But unfortunately they often test before they think well ...

    Now we warn them again.

    We hope that the changes will be better considered before the next tests :)

  • This round on Platform X - Einstein I am playing a new strategy for me that is title winning oriented. So far is going good for me. Also I have a observation about the issue that I can not see the aggregated tonnage that I have hauled on one good in one day because the cumulated tonnages in cities and factories are resetted (back to zero) when cities and factories are leveling-up. I find usefull to know at each moment how much I have hauled on each good in every moment of the day. Maybe this information (tonnage amount hauled to the moment) could be included in the vaggons list so that I could check how much I have hauled with each type of vaggon. That information could be actualised hourly or even better in real time. Thank you.