Auto muting when changing browser tab (2 bugs)

  • Automatic muting when leaving a tab in chrome (changing to another) didnt always work before the XXL update, but since it has become worse. Now most of the time it won't mute.

    The workaround before the update was to open and leave the tab again, but that's not an option anymore ||

    Another related bug: when going back to a tab the sound stutters a lot before it eventually returns to the normal melody of RN

  • RN is always muted for me, as soon as I open a game world and stays that way for any game world. I use Chrome.

    I have only muted once and that was like ages(have no idea time frame) ago.

    Patience is a virtue which is a work in progress.;)

  • Hey Mr Hoeven,

    i tried it and it first blanded out the sound as it should and then it was muted. Does that never work with you?

    It doesn't work always, sometimes it does. All I know is that before the update it almost never had issues and now it does, so then to me it looks like an RN issue and not a chrome one (I use Edge Chromium btw)

    But the more pressing issue is the stuttering sounds when going back to an open RN tab.. thats new and always present. Ofc it fades out after a couple of seconds but still..