Levelling an end game city in end game era, before it turns into a Mega City

  • I found this in the archive, but it was never answered from the "proper" people

    I was wondering what happens if megacities level during the endgame.

    e.g. Megacity 1 has started their endgame and the city X at #10 and city Y at #11 have the same level and waiting to start their EG. The city Y at #11 levels before the city at #10, normally city Y will change place with city X.

    Is this also valid as the first city has started their endgame?

    The same question now with cities e.g. at #5 and 6. Do they change # and are the tonnes adjusted too?

    In the original thread, some players concluded it would not make any changes to the order of Mega Cities.

    But in the information page about the game, I found something that might suggest otherwise:

    When the end game has started the first city will be changed into a mega city and the other cities will change accordingly during time and leveling. Do note that the list of runner up cities can change depending on whether how fast they level up. For example, the number three city can level up faster than the number two city and thus switching places before they are developed into a mega city.

    So what is correct here?