Feedback about the Mobile Version

  • Thanks Salix.

    Most pressing issues on app/mobile (I use an iphone):

    - Switching between servers usually does not work, the new server does not load and just spins the wheel.

    You have to shut the entire phone down, restart it, re connect to RN and log in to the new server.

    - Any new messages (personal, system or forums) clog the memory and crashes the app forcing a total shut down and restart again.

    - When trying to scroll or click on an investment in industry screen, player profiles just pop up out of nowhere and you end up clicking on them instead of the investment button. Something is way too sensitive, unasked unclicked screens keep popping up all the time forcing major errors (like promoting or kicking players accidentally). This is also the case for the web version by the way, unasked unclicked pop up screens just appearing everywhere at the worst possible time.

    - I still after YEARS of asking I have 1 major bug that remains unfixed, on both the app and web version:

    Industry investment (and other) ranking screens: you literally can never get to the lowest $0 invested industries because you have to click 100x (no joke, no exaggeration). The scroll bar does not scroll to the bottom of the list, the page down button only pages down 5 industries at a time and the real bug is the faulty (wrongfully designed) effect of the 'jump to top' button. This button should instead be a 'jump' to bottom' button as the page already opens at the top. And before the 100 clicks needed to reach the bottom of the list (if you have 500 industries which many players have), the screen freezes and crashes and you can start all over again. This is all for investing 1x in a $0 industry, because after you invest the ranking screen jumps back to the top automatically and you can start clicking 100x again to get to the bottom for the next industry. If you want to go through this process before every recalc hour to make sure you have invested enough everywhere, you will literally be clicking 20k x a day. Yes, 20,000 times a day! All completely unnecessary clicks if that faulty 'jump to top' button was just changed to a 'jump to bottom' button.

    Please change the effect of this button on all ranking screens. Clearly, this is a huge and unnecessary problem which could be easily fixed in 5 minutes. But instead nobody listens to repeated requests from players during several years and RN prefers to just keep on wasting player's time and giving them carpal tunnel. Seriously, this needs to be fixed yesterday!

    Other then these above items, I might be missing some but generally the app worked great until a few weeks ago.

    I understand the focus is on web and that is fine, but something else is directly causing the app to freeze and crash a lot more recently. This is the problem with the app that we are trying to make you aware of, and it is not something regarding the development of the app itself.

  • I moved this post, since it's not related to the XXL update but definitely worth discussing.

    A few questions/comments:

    1. I assume you ruled out a bad internet connection as a cause for this? In order to rule this out, I recommend a using a WiFi connection, preferably close to the router to make sure packet loss is not a relevant factor.
    2. Chat: From my "tech noob" perspective, I think it's likely the transition to HTML5 might solve the problem. The old (or for mobile: the current) chat system is quite ineffecient and requires to reload the entire chat every time a new message is added. That does seem to fit your description.

    after you invest the ranking screen jumps back to the top automatically

    Are you sure about that? I just tested this and after investing the screen remains on my own rank and does not jump to the top. Or am I misunderstanding the problem?
    Second question: Why is it necessary for you to jump to the bottom of the ranking?


    something else is directly causing the app to freeze and crash a lot more recently

    Android or iOS? At least on Android, I can not see an increase of crashes recently. There is a problem that causes crashes on mobile that we are working on right now, but that has been existing for much longer than the XXL update, so it shouldn't be related.

  • 1. Yes ruling out a bad connection. On Wifi close to the router and all other internet connections (desktop hardwire, PC, Other mobile devices are running fine with no internet connection issues

    2. Agreed the chat needs to be reworked. But also the messaging and forum system. It is these incoming messages that I am talking about, not the chat. For some reason these messages take up a lot of memory and cause the app to freeze and crash.

    3. Ok, getting a little frustrated now, yes you are completely misunderstanding the problem. But I have explained it and got support from many players before in this forum. The ranking lists and more specifically the Industry ranking lists and even more specifically the tab industry investment ranking list (I'm not talking about the normal investment ranking when you open an industry, I'm talking about the complete list of all industry investments you have made!!!): The industries are sorted from highest investments made to lowest investments made. The list opens at the TOP of the list. The list scroll bar does not work as it only scrolls across the 5 top industries. To look further down the list you have to click page down, which will jump to the next 5 industries and if you have 500 industries you can click 100x to get to the bottom of the list if the app does not crash before you get there.

    There is a 'jump to top' button at the bottom left of the list, but the list already opens at the Top, so this button is completely useless. What it should be were it not for the Dev mistake when developed, is a 'Jump to Bottom' of the list button, which would now decrease the amount of clicks from 100 to 1 !!! If by clicking page down 100x you do finally reach the bottom (lucky you!) and then want to go the top again, you can simply just re open the list (which already starts at the top). Do you understand now that the function of that jump to top button is reversed and should be corrected to a jump to bottom button?

    As to the reason why you would want to get to the bottom of this investment list? Seriously, I check this list at least once a day if not every hour, or at least I try to. You get Prestige for investments and you get 0 Prestige for $0 investments! So of course I want to be able to find any industries where my investments have disappeared after level ups, or ones that I have recently connected but not invested in yet. These are the '$0 investments that I want to quickly identify and invest in before the next recalculation hour. It now takes me about 20,000 clicks (yes again, 20 thousand clicks a day to do this every hour, because as I mentioned before, if by the grace of god you are actually able to reach the bottom of the list and if you click on that industry and invest, to be able to invest in the next one you have to go back to the list which then unfortunately resets and starts way back at the top again, so for every industry you have to click 100 times!!! If you have 20 x $0 invested industries, that is 2 thousand clicks and that is just trying this procedure 1x per day, not even every hour. Plus the app crashes often when you reach the 300th industry or so and then you can start all over again. Seriously, are you feeling me now? It is a mindboggling, extremely frustrating, time consuming and quite literally painful procedure (Carpal Tunnel comment).

    Of course, not every player will need to do this, but the prestige players and investors definitely need to quickly be able to reach the bottom of the investment list. And if there is no reason according to you to reach the bottom, then why in the world would you create the list to begin with???

    PS, this is also relevant for the other rankings lists, they all start at the top so the jump to top button is completely useless and should be converted to a jump to bottom button. This would be the overall player ranking list for example, or the other industry ranking tabs like level or growth and all other ranking tabs and lists.

    Please see the screenshot where the 'jump to top' button is circled in red. It is this button that is useless and should really be changed to a 'jump to bottom' button.

    4. Ios

  • I have to agree with Dutcher the iOs app is getting worse in peformance lately. There were the known problems with the chat and that was it for me. Now the system freezes more often or the buttons don't work and you need to close the app and restart the game. Ingame messages are not always shown, you are completely lost from communciation, no chat and no fora.

    I have a good wifi network, Iphone XR 128 gig with the latest software.

    Tried the performance of the app on a android phone, same wifi network, also latest software and a recent model phone. I was shocked how bad the app works on android. iOs gives a lot of problems but Android is even worse to use.

    I have one remark, the app is designed for tablet of phone. When I'm using the app by phone that's when I'm not able to use my PC. The app should work also without major problems when I use a proper 4G network and shouldn't be dependant on a wifi network.


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  • Another problem with mainly the app:

    Profiles of many (random) Players and Corps are not shown, not visible in the rankings, can not be selected nor viewed.

    They just appear as blank or question marks. This is particularly aggravating during worker bids, during investing and during comps.

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