Platform X: Questions & Answers on YouTube [22.10.2020]

  • Dear players,

    We are already quite excited about the launch of Platform X next week and we hope you are too!

    Of course, new features and balancing changes always lead to a lot of questions and we would like to answer them!

    To do so, we will have short Q&A stream on the Rail Nation YouTube Channel and our Game Designer Bruno will be ready to answer all of your questions.

    We already collected a few questions you have been asking on the forum, but you can also watch the stream live and ask questions in the chat.

    Here are all the details you’ll need:

    What: Livestream - Questions & Answers about Platform X

    Who: Bruno & Salix & of course you!

    Where: YouTube Stream

    When: Thursday, the 22nd of October at 6 PM (UTC+2).

    How: Just watch and if you have any questions, ask them in the YouTube live chat. Yes, the Stream will also be recorded.

    See you there,
    Bruno & Salix

  • You can find the recording here:

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