Android app doesn't work, crashes at launch

  • Another hint is that it can help to delete the data of the app. ATTENTION: Players who use an instant account, i.e. do not log in using their login details, should NOT use this option as it may cause the account to be lost. We are already looking for a general solution.

  • To continue from the good post above.

    :!: On the mobile device, navigate to Settings > Apps > Rail Nation > Storage and there use both Clear Storage (Cache) and Clear App Data options. Afterwards the app should start.

    :!: Please note that this is only a viable option for players that have registered their account. Players with Instant Account should NOT use this workaround as they will lose access to the account.

    :!: If you have an Instant Account, please wait for a solution from our side - we are working on it. Please also deactivate automatic updates for the app.

    If you are unsure about having an Instant Account or not, please contact support and have them check it out. If you can login to the game via browser using your email address and password, you have a registered account.

  • This method will fix the crash but the app remains frozen in the Travian Games screen logo.

  • Still not working.

  • What do you mean by instant account? Is Facebook login safe?

    Thats an accout created by the app without login/password or Facebook login. Works only on the device where it was created. The purpose is to eleminate the hurdle of account creation for new players so they can have a look at the game without the need of an account.

  • Just want to add that following the steps Samisu wrote earlier, it does indeed work, it's just that during the Travian Games splash screen, the text indicating that there's a download going on is not always showing up, or maybe it doesn't show up on data, only on Wi-Fi.

  • Great that you let yourself be here for so long. Instead of uploading the old app.

    Without a PC you look pretty stupid.

    I'm great on Mondays.

    We are actually not able to upload the old app. Android requires both a 32 bit and 64 bit version of the app and the old one is only 32 bit.

    We are currently testing a fix for the crash issues and will upload a new version as soon as possible.