Ghost Train 🚂👻👻👻

  • It is located on top left (North West) of the map, at least in a classic mode map.

    Differences are:

    1. Hydra in the circle

    2. Goldpot above the Hydra

    3. castle like building above the hydra

    4. Ghosts in the ocean

    5. whale in the ocean

    6. dinosaur carcass on an island

    7. pumpkin lamp above

    8. water dragon/hydra thing near the pumpkins

    9. pumpkins lamps on the bottom island\

    10. spider on the south eastern land

    11. scarecrow on one of the islands

    12. footprint of monster on north east island

    My server is at COM05 Cylinder Head (X2)

  • This is the classic map, located in the top left corner, I have found and circled 13 differences, currently playing on s201 Big Ben

    Orange for festive colors



    Platform X, Comm401 Rosen

    Attached image shows a total of 15 differences. 2 are landmarks circled in black, i am unsure if these are intended to be changes or not since some servers do have small variations in map layout and these two dont appear to have a halloween theme.

    1. ghosts in water lower left

    2. cauldron in mountains upper left

    3. sea monster in green ring of water, upper left

    4. haunted house above sea monster

    5. whale tail center of screen

    6. large dino bones, middle screen upper island

    7. sea monster by large dino bones

    8. pumpkins on small island, middle top of screen

    9. dino tracks on larger island, right of pumpkin island listed above

    10. scarecrow on island, south of dino tracks

    11. spider below mountains far right

    12. pumpkins far south beside small dino bones

    13. lighthouse is different design

    1a. 2 extra icebergs by mountains in upper left

    2a. coastline along far right is changed

  • I'm playing on US 101 - Golden Gate - and the picture looks like Scotland - Loch Ness - there is no place in the US with mountains on the left right up against water, and islands on the right like this photo. We also don't have all the sea monsters, skeletons and ghosts. ;-)

    Captain Steam

  • Northwest corner of the map

    Ghosts in bottom left

    Whaletail in center

    Sea monster (looks like LochNess monster) in center

    Jack o Lanterns on 2 islands, bottom center and top center

    Dinosaur skelton on center island

    Spider on right

    Sea monster top left

    Spooky castle looking place in top left

    Fog light on island in middle looks different

    COM2 firebox

  • The correct answer is 13 differences, marked on the map below. Two players found them all, no more and no less:

    LoraKay - Cylinder Head

    MiMz - Einstein

    The rest of the winners will be picked randomly from among those with 10 or more correct differences:

    zander.1 - Diselpumpe

    Drakjula - Firebox

    Phoenix01727 - Rosen

    Raguna - Big Ben

    Thekal - Big Ben

    Albert Pinto - Smoke Chamber

    sohostar - Cylinder Head

    SilverWindDragon - Smoke Chambber

    Congrats to our winners, the lottery tickets will be sent shortly.