Ghost Train 🚂👻👻👻

  • You slowly wake up to the soothing and relaxing sound of an old steam train engine doing its work. The soft vibration of the train almost makes you wish, to sink back into a sweet slumber, when it suddenly hits you....why are you in a train? Your eyes yank open and you look around. You’re in an almost abandoned train compartment and a few seats away you can see 3 or maybe 4 people sitting in their’s hard to tell. They seem kind of blurry, as if you forgot to put on your glasses, but you never had any. You shake your head, before bothering someone let’s try to find out where you are. You look out of the window, there’s nothing but thick fog outside.

    As you stare into the wall of grey you try to remember, you were in your office at the train station and you were working late when you suddenly fell asleep, the last thing you recall as your eyes closed was the clock announcing midnight and the distant sound of a steam pipe.

    A hand grabs your shoulder and you bolt up, ready to yell at whoever startled you! You turn around and freeze...what you’re looking at can’t be true. A shiver runs down your spine and takes over your whole body. Your legs shake and you stumble backwards against the window, still unable to process what’s going on.

    Right in front of you stands a skeleton in a conductor uniform and a pipe between its teeth.

    It looks at you and with a voice that sounds like rusty pipes rubbed against each other greets you.

    "Well, what do we have here? I’m certain you haven't got your ticket for this train yet."

    You take every ounce of courage you have to stop your teeth from shaking too hard to answer. This thing hasn’t tried to hurt you, maybe, just maybe there’s a way out of here.

    "What ticket? Where am I?"

    The skeleton laughs. "Oh this, well it’s my pleasure to welcome you into our little ghost train, a special service for all dead souls in this region, next stop, afterlife!"

    Your heart sinks into your stomach and your whole body goes numb, desperately you make a step closer. "Please this is a mistake, I don’t belong here, I just fell asleep!"

    The skeleton thinks for a moment. As it answers its voice changed slightly, it seems cheerful now.

    " you don’t belong here? Are you sure? Sure enough to bet on it? I tell you what there’s still time left until the next station and these ghosts are always so boring, so let’s play a game. You win, you get back home, I win...well then you become the next conductor.

    So tell me are we still in your world or have we already passed the border to another dimension?"

    You turn around and look out of the window. You notice the fog has magically disappeared. You squinch your eyes, this place is familiar, you know this, you open your mouth for an answer as something catches your eye, something in this landscape is not as you remember. You shake your head.

    "We already crossed the border, this is another dimension!"

    The skeleton laughs again.

    "Good! Our worlds might look familiar, yet here are some things very different. Very well, then prove how good you know your world, show me all the differences between this world and yours, and I will let you out. Take your time, the next station is a while away."

    You look out of the window again, you take a deep breath and focus. This is your one shot, one mistake and you’ll never leave this train goes nothing!

    Your Task

    • Take a look at the picture below. Do you know where this spot is located in your world?
    • Show me all the differences between this world and yours
    • Tell the name of your game world so we know where to send the prize (only answers with a game world mentioned, e.g. COM-3 Smoke Chamber, will take part in the prize draw)


    • You can post your answer below until Wednesday 04.11.2020 15:00 UTC+1
    • Please note the answers are moderated and will be published once the event is over
    • Among all correct answers we will raffle 10 x 10 lottery tickets
    • Winners will be announced by the end of next week.


    Your Phantom of the Night.

    (Thank you Maselbart for the story event this Halloween!)

  • glowing mushrooms bottom left

    tentacle thing top left

    sea snake center

    fire on north and south island

    fishtail center

    stones missing left to south central island

    skeleton on north center island

    the lighthouse thingie on thecenter island is blue

    and i believe ther is something on the top right island that isnt there in the original

  • s1 tr buhar kazanı serverindeyim

    dövüş resim Öyun dünyamın en üst sol yazan yani haritanın kuzeybatı en üst sol yazan Bıngıldak ve Angıra şehirlerini başka yerde bulmak

    farklar ise

    1- iki küçük adanın üstünde sarı parlak renkte altın gibi bişeyler var bizde yok

    2- Balina kuyruğu var bizde yok

    3- sol köşedeki kayalıkların yanındaki haleli canavar bacakları gibi bir var bizde yok

    4- balina kuyruğunun sağ üstündeki yeşil adanın güney gör bir canavar var bizde yok

    5- balina kuyruğunun güney batısında hayaletler var ghost bizde yok

  • This spot is located in top left corner in my world.

    Differences between this world and mine are:
    1. Nessie monster

    2. Two Halloween pumpkins (x2)

    3. Buoy

    4. Three-headed hydra

    5. Giant footprints

    6. Golden cauldron

    7. Five Ghosts

    8. Whale tail

    9. Lighthouse

    10. Spider

    11. Dinosaur fossils

    12. Scarecrow

    13. Castle


  • The large lighthouse is different. There are pumpkins, a sea monster, a whale, an octopus, ghosts, a small lighthouse, a castle, and a volcano com 01 steam boiler 3-way

  • This the top left (north – west) part of the standard map (the closest city is Petertown)

    The differences are as follow:

    - top left corner of the picture – 3 tentacles of the octopus,

    - top middle (big island) – skeleton of the animal,

    - top middle (on the right side of the big island) – 2 halloween pumpkins with lightning inside,

    - top right corner of the picture – traces of the big animal,

    - middle of the picture (under the big island) – see snake,

    - middle of the picture (under the big island) – tail of the whale,

    - middle right side of the picture (directly under the island with traces) – scarecrow,

    - bottom left side of the picture – 5 ghosts,

    - middle of the picture – the lighthouse has different shape and the color of the light is red instead of yellow,

    - middle right side of the picture – big spider in the forest,

    - bottom middle of the picture - 2 halloween pumpkins with lightning inside;

    COM401 Einstein



  • Octopus top left, Loch Ness Monster, whale tail, something yellow top left corner (don't know what it is), ghosts bottom left, lighthouse is different, pumpkins top & bottom, something orange bottom right, dinosaur bones, scarecrow(?) right side, footprints top right. Macadoodle - COM02-Firebox.

  • These are the differences I see between your world, and mine:
    (COM02 Firebox, this is the Northwest corner)

    A Kraken in the coral atoll
    Five swimming ghosts
    The tail of a partially- submerged whale
    The skeleton of a dinosaur on the island
    A sea monster swimming of the surface
    Two pairs of lighted Halloween pumpkins
    An abandoned castle
    A pair of HUGE monster pawprints
    A tiny scarecrow?
    A big black widow spider
    The lighthouse is different, but I can't name this one...

    Thank you!