Questions about the newly added Fair Play game rule section

  • The rule change does not mean players can now decide how the rules work to their benefit, to support their playing style. The rule change will give the RN team a way to look into complicated situations where (constant) harm is being caused without a valid reason. It is a tool for us to help guide players out of toxic situations, or stop this toxic behavior. All the regular gameplay is still 100% supported per game rules, as are the different playing styles and goals the game offers.

    and that's exactly what happened and the one who now is drowning in self pitty isn't telling everything which gives a complete wrong picture of it all. So people who don't know out of first hand needs to stay out of any comment.


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  • never thought of it that behaviour like yours and more like you will maybe drive more people away and that might be the main reason of changing the gamerules like they are now??

    The classic map is about city building, your style of playing belongs at the USA map at the border between red and blue. That scenario is all about conquering cities with all the mean play what goes with it.

    My behavior was and is according to the game rules. Who do you think you are to determine that that is not according to how you think the game should be played or that that will drive other players away? And where do you get the arrogance to tell me which maps I should play and what kind of behavior is acceptable on certain maps and which ones are not?

    I am seriously getting pissed off now. You are supporting the new rules because you are a city hauler and the new rules allow city haulers to get rid of prestige hunters. That's the only reason.

    And Samisu, you can say all you want that the new rules only provide you with an extra tool to avoid 'toxic' situations. But you continue to deny that in 100% of the cases it is a city hauler that is reporting a prestige player or free hauler and these new all encompassing and vague rules only benefit the city haulers at the expense of prestige players. For the reason above, It WILL happen that innocent prestige players are punished and never that innocent city haulers are punished. And it WILL happen that city haulers will abuse their new 'tool' to get rid of players who do not follow their city orders. You can say that the reports will not be evaluated that way but please use your intelligence and consider what will happen with 1000 reports. How many of us are going to get deleted unfairly do you think? Can you really guarantee that all evaluations of these reports will be done with both perspectives in mind and completely objective and fair to both playing styles? I highly doubt it and I already have been proven right.

    The only thing prestige hunters can now do to continue their gamestyle without being unfairly punished is to try to get rid of all the whining and complaining city haulers now. Every time I break a majority from now on (which of course will be for prestige reasons), and if anyone complains to me in the city forum or personal messages, I will report them. They are seriously damaging my gaming enjoyment by their constant whining, complaining, crying and threats to go away as well as by their constant and multiple abuses of the report button.

    Game on city haulers, we'll see who wins this crying game ;)

  • Hate to break this to you but you are incorrect. It is true that city builders do not need prestige hunters. However, prestige hunters do not need city builders. Case in point...

    I usually play on an American Dream map. My entire corporation is a corporation of prestige hunters. The first thing we do is start on a border city and purchase all the controlling shares of the factories around us. Then we push off to nearby cities doing the same thing until we control about 8-9 cities and all their required goods. We out spend the locals until the locals move. Since we all play on the same map the locals now know to move and they all go to their cities which they build up into end game cities. Meanwhile, we continue to expand until most of us are connect to half the cities, some are connected to all the cities. The top ten cities grow at almost twice the pace of the smaller cities. As our trains develop we come back to our smaller cities and level them up at will. Meanwhile we spend an hour on a required good here, and hour on a required good there, and without even bothering to hit up a main city we still blow by the city builders as if they were standing still. So... Prestige hunters don't need city builders either.

    Oh, and food for thought. It doesn't matter if your top city has a rank of 20 or 40 if you are a prestige builder. All that matters is what your personal rank position is.

  • and that's exactly what happened and the one who now is drowning in self pitty isn't telling everything which gives a complete wrong picture of it all. So people who don't know out of first hand needs to stay out of any comment.

    Now isn't that a snotty comment? If someone posts a question on a message board that comment is now open to be talked about and discussed. If the topic at hand happens to be about you, then you have some choices. You may simply stay quite and nobody knows it is about you. You may tell your version of the story an solicit conversation, or you may make a snotty remark and have people agree with the first commenter.

  • As a prestige hauler, I also know that there are other games out there than just this one. I am not changing my style of play. People are free to report me, and if even booted from the game or even suspended I personally will have no complaints. While not a big spender on the game I do buy a starter package every year when Masters comes around. My money can always go elsewhere.