One flew over the cuckoo's nest, I'm not joking

  • I'm going to share something with you that may very well get me banned on the forum, but I will gladly take the fall for you all to hear this story, which some may find it intriguing and distasteful in the same time. But hey, it's posted under General discussion, so it's in the same line with the other posts ^^

    First, context.

    Me, a rather controversial player in the game, often called dictator or army guy, but generally appreciated by my team members, whom with we've managed to be the top team 3 rounds in a row, winning the EG 3 rounds in a row, giving the top player 3 rounds in a row. I'm not going to say where I play, don't want to give too many hints of where I am playing, hopefully avoiding the ban.

    In the opposite corner, a rather respectable member of the community, having played over 100 rounds and often making contributions to the game (not going to say who, avoiding the ban you know), part of a team with which we agreed to collaborate this round, hopefully to win the EG. Plan turned to rubble since we've departed, more on that later.

    Round kicks off, alliance looking strong, smashing our competition in CCs, leveling the cities like it's fly-by Sunday. All of a sudden A WILD COMPLAINT. Why are my people investing in the other associations' RGs (without breaking majority, we're not monkeys of course)? Can't even finish that subject because I am being slapped with another complaint. Why are my people hauling some RGs direct? We all know the answer to that, FOR PRESTIGE, but we intelectual beings still like to beat the bush like in the Stone Age.

    Moving forward, me being a controversial player, I said I don't mind people hauling RGs direct or investing in other RG sites, even if they're ours (of course, I'm not a hypocrite). It's a free game, we have to accomodate the style of different players, otherwise why is there an individual ranking system, right? Are these players not human? Should they be casted away in the fiery pits of hell? Do they not bleed? Anyway, they didn't like what I've said, I'll give you that.

    But you know you can't poke the bear without getting mauled, am I right? So I've started to notice some players from the above player's team collecting some juicy prestige points while we, the working class, leveled the cities and won the CCs. Naturally I would press CAPS LOCK and start typing but I went full gentleman and asked if there's an agreement for some players to behave like this. The answer was no so I pressed CAPS LOCK, of course.

    Either way the relationship continued, much like a 30 years old marriage, with some "why you always do that" and "I thought I told you so". Up until eventually I got fed up and decided that I will take my guys and leave town, well actually two towns since we were leveling two, because we can, because we're gooooood. Well that was cringy as hell. We retreated to our safe heaven, our 3rd city, which we leveled in our spare time, because what else you're going to do in this game, level cities and scratch tickets until you turn sixty and forget your wi-fi password.

    So the EG plan turned to rubble, remember those world speed records in finishing the EG? Well we beat that, might as well end the round since our competitor won by no-show. So here I was casually signing on that platform x server, doing some pointless golden hour run (HAHA, YOU GET IT? there's no daily prestige but we still do GHs, oh my god, this is so depressing), and all of a sudden an orange badge notification appears, indicating a private message. How convenient, exactly when I was feeling a bit low.

    Message comes from the respectable member of the community. I saw his name and I was thinking, maybe they want for us to get together again, like a childhood sweetheart coming to you to get back together, oh man, got me all excited. Clicked the message, ANOTHER COMPLAINT. Man, I just changed my keyboard this month, I don't wanna' HULK SMASH it. I've channeled my inner-deep 5 years of Psychology studies and read it like 32 years old adult I am. Message is: "Why are my people hauling some RGs direct?. Sounds familiar, I said to myself. Maybe it's something recurrent with this one, like a period or something.

    With a calm voice I typed: "I don't care about this anymore, we consider your cities to be free cities now. We don't have any collaboration between us anymore. Just leave me be". The player wouldn't, went on and on about how this behavior is breaking the rules and that he knows they are being applied and people are being sanctioned. And I say, for what? Hauling direct an RG to a city? Get out of here (said with an italian mob guy's voice). But he went on and on and on and eventually I caved and opened up a forum thread asking three simple questions (Questions about the newly added Fair Play game rule section) to close the subject.

    Honestly I thought that was going to be the end of it. But wait, all your effort reading this through has come to fruition. Seeing how I don't admit hauling direct it's something bad and I, I don't know, punish the one who was hauling direct? He eventually says, and I quote: "I am now making screenshots of all your team members train schedules, what they hauled, how are they hauling, what industries they've invested, and I'm sending them to the support", presumably to get us all banned. It was at this moment I realized I should have brought a recorder like I usually did when talking to mental patients in the psychiatric hospital. But I know for a fact that you never confront head-on a delusional reality, but you gently caress it so that it expands and offers you more useful information which you can work with for the patient's anamnesis, and eventually the diagnostic.

    Visibly intrigued I asked the player, to what end since in order for this to be foul play, he would have to prove that those players ill-behaved intentionally, at which he says: "rail nation support doesn't react to isolated cases, but to structural acts", meaning that he portrayed us as an evil corporation trying to make his game play experience awful and often disturbing (now that I read what I wrote I realize that this is the synopsis for Mr. Robot TV Show, and we all know what that protagonist guy was all about). At this point I decide to end conversation in the interest of public safety. I hope Rail Nation support staff will be alright after this player's probably 3 page long ticket.

    Jokes aside, today we had the CC, which we won again, and my team hauled all the RGs, invested in each in order to lower the wait time and some pretty much went offline still hauling what the call was made of. To all of which that take this game too much serious I only want to say this:

    Rail Nation is not Real Nation.

    Be safe,


  • Hmmm, I suspect I read a bit about this in Discord LOL.

    I very rarely haul integrated. It isn't cheating, it is a style of play. It works. If someone doesn't like the fact that I am out hauling them, they can haul direct or out invest me.

    So that brings us back to poor sportsmanship. It seems to me that if you have someone crying about how other people legally play the game, that person has poor sportsmanship and under the new rules for poor sportsmanship...