Schedule Assist During Contests Not Working for non-Starting City

  • This is MikeV3. I am playing American Dream 2x on the US103 Broadway server. This is in the Browser version in Chrome on a Windows laptop.

    The Schedule Assist during Contests work properly when it is for our Starting City. I started in Albuquerque, but relocated to Las Vegas. When I do a Contest in Las Vegas and click on Schedule Assist, it recommends the Albuquerque Warehouse I connected to between the 2 cities. I could be doing a Flour Contest in Vegas with the Facility 2 tracks away, but it still recommends the Albuquerque Warehouse. The second Schedule Assist option (Additional Routes) does recommend the Las Vegas Flour Facility, but clicking on that option appends it to the end of the current route (not replacing it entirely like with the first option, which would be desirable during a race).

    After I complete a contest in Las Vegas, I can rush my faster engines to Albuquerque for that contest which starts 10 minutes later. Using option 1 for the Contest Schedule Assist correctly suggests the proper Facility type in Albuquerque and sets the destination to Albuquerque. This is how Selection Assist should work for all cities, not just our Starting City. The feature just needs to verify which city a Contest is for. Option 2 should probably be fixed as well to replace the route rather than appending to it.

    The post was edited 1 time, last by MikeV3: Accidentally called Schedule Assist Selection Assist. Added sentence indicating this is in the browser version. ().