Balancing workers

  • Balancing workers

    I propose to make the competition between the teams more interesting by balancing the workers.

    1) Only one worker can be hired at a time

    2) The same worker cannot be hired while he is hired (he must first be fired before being hired again!)

    3) The level of the team determines how long a worker will be hired. (Maximum team level = 200% time)

    Small teams will have cheaper workers with less validity.

    Big teams will have more expensive workers with more validity.

    What will you offer?

  • I don't think workers can be balanced.

    Just remove them from the game and spread out a small % of their bonuses to be a passive feature for those that get the + account. This would be a huge incentive for people to spend enough to at least get a + account.

    Bump the licenses a bit (to replace the loss for Goods workers) and see how it goes.

    And cash will always be the biggest imbalance, but now you have narrowed it down to the ONLY real advantage a person can get over another. The other is activity levels, those highly active will have an advantage over those that are not.

  • Fun Fun Fun,

    Another Round lost to an Inferior player just because his Assoc can hog all of the workers (Wait time reduction/CIty PPS/Speed/Faster Station generation in the last 2 rounds.


    Since several of you like to tell me and everyone else that they are not imbalanced, why don't you join my server (Smoke Chamber) and show me how to beat the worker imbalance. Be great timing as EG is only 2 days away, and you will have a nice fresh start when it re-opens.