Platform X Servers starting on December 2020

  • Dear players,

    As announced at the beginning, all Platform X – Working Class Heroes will enter a second round! If you missed the first time or you want to perfect your strategy with your newly acquired experience, you shouldn’t miss this last chance!

    All game worlds will enter the second round at the same day of the week they did in the first round. Here is a list of all starting Platform X game worlds, and they all start at 13:00 UTC:

    Date Game World
    16.12. DE-401 Schrödinger (DE)
    RU-401 Хокинг (RU)
    17.12. 17.12. COM-401 Einstein (EN)
    M4.401 Wheeler (PL, CZ, UA, RO)
    comm-401 Rosen (international)
    19.12. 19.12. DE-402 Schwarzschild (DE)
    RU-402 Минковский (RU)


    Good luck and have fun,

    Your Rail Nation Team