Can't use research points

  • I am in the situation where I am Era 3 Day 8, and have completely researched Era 1, 2, and 3. My Laboratory is at Level 25. I am generating 80 Research Points a day and they are just going in the Bit Bucket. It would be nice to get some benefit from the investment in the Laboratory.

    I make the following simple suggestion:

    If the following conditions are met:

    1. Current Era and all previous Eras are fully researched.

    2. Laboratory storage of Research Points is full (At level 25, this is 40 points)


    As long as the above conditions are met, newly generated research points that would just be lost are instead awarded as Prestige Points.

    Not a complicated solution, and maps the real world concept that one would receive prestige for doing new research.

  • I want to congratulate you for giving ideas.

    But I am personally against your proposal.

    Because this will give an additional advantage to the gold players.

  • or change your strategy of upgrading your station buildings. Aparantly you had to many focus at your lab and to soon maxed it out. Than I would say build your lab in a slower pace and other buildings in a faster pace ;)

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  • I hit the same situation this round on one server because I had too much luck on building upgrade vouchers combined with building upgrade workers. Could not resist the best value of using them on the lab. :) I guess this would never happen, but, I would love to give those points to one or more of our struggling team mates.

    Gifting would be a nice touch but I expect there would be ways to abuse that too. :)