Hi everyone, I'm Nicola and I'm your new Community Communication Manager

  • Hello everyone,

    I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.

    My name is Nicola (Nikki for short) and I'm your new community communication manager.

    I'm based in Cologne, Germany, but I'm originally from the UK.

    I'm 34yrs old, have a young family and I've spent a large portion of my life playing and working with games.

    I play on all formats and all genres, though I do admit as I've got older, my preferences have significantly shifted towards mentally challenging, long term game sessions on PC. Such as Anno, CIV, factorio but most importantly Rail Nation!

    As it's already been mentioned, I am a bit of a "train nerd", though I'm not quite a walking train encyclopedia yet. I do love a good train or industrial museum and I'm always looking for recommendations on places to visit, so if you have any, please share!

    I'm incredibly honoured to have the pleasure of supporting you all in the coming future. I truly hope to have a positive effect on what we have to offer you all and furthermore hope to expand our communication for the better.

    I can't to wait to get to know you all and support the community management team in continuing to provide an enjoyable experience both in and outside of the game.

    Take care and stay safe,


  • Hello :)


    What kind of questions can we ask you?

    Although your role is not the activity in the forum :)

  • Thanks for the welcome "hear me roar",

    Well you can pretty much ask me anything related to how we communicate and interact with you all as a community. Though, just a little heads up, I'm still getting to know the current status of things and where things might need work. So I might not know the answer to most of your questions until I've had time to grips with everything first. I strive to be more informed in future though

  • Dear Nikki,

    I am a real RN-fan from the first hour and really love the game. But lately the game does not bring me (and others) so much joy as it was in the beginning. Players, like me, who want to play the game as it was developed, working together with your group to work on your city and/or Landmark, experience more and more fraud within the game, to make it specific, players who use multiple accounts enabling them to gain more resources/RN-Dollars to take over for example industries against which honest single account players can not compete.

    I have experienced this on the Dutch Server Stoomketel, where there is a player who used not less than 4 fake accounts. How do I know that, because he just admitted it in a personal message to me, that he full control on these 4 accounts. I told him to report this to game support, which I did. His response was that I should do that, he even laughed at that, because game support would not/could not do anything about it because it are 4 different accounts with different log in information so it will not be notable by game support that he is cheating?

    I send the messages to game support expecting that they would take action, only to notice that no action, after two days, have been taken, the account is still active as are the 4 other accounts! He even made a new Cooperation and entered in 10 minutes at the end of era 5 of the server, 4 additional accounts, creating a cooperation with in total 8 fake accounts! Even more he send a message to one of my team members from one of his admitted fake accounts telling that he should not listen to me that I am a narcist and sick in my mind? I also reported this to game support and again hoped for some action, but still did not see any action as all accounts are still active. I asked several times to take action! The only thing I got back is that they are looking into the case and would take action? But I have not seen it? I asked what the action has been they have taken against an admitting cheater and the only response I get is that they can not share with me what there action has been against this player? And still all accounts are active and running their trains?

    I think this is not good! I have shared my experience with the Stoomketel Community as for me this is very frustrating and really spoiling the game, which is actually not free..... I have spend certainly 150 - 200 euros the past couple of years and it was a pleasure spending this money for such a great game! I got feedback, from the community, that they also experienced other players with fake accounts and even though proof and evidence is given to game support, it seems that no actions are taken by game support even though the evidence is 100% clear that players are cheating.

    I got a ban? Don't know why? But why? Because I addressed this issue and shared it with the community on Stoomketel? Without insulting people or mentioning names in public? I just have an opinion but apparently an opinion on something is not allowed by Travion eg no free speech is allowed as to say! Of course I really questioned the quality of our game support, but also not mentioning names of the game support people? But questioned the way complaints are handled by game support in general? Is that not allowed? And what privacy protocols are not followed if I issue a complaint about a player, where I only know the alias of, and asking about the investigation report of my complaint and which actions have been taken against the player I had my complaints on? I dont know his real name, his address, his email adress, his IP-adress, I only know his alias in the game so sharing information about the investigation and action taking is not against privacy policy in my opinion as no real life and additional information about this person is given to me?

    I believe if these practices will continue with f.e. cheaters using multiple account and game support not sharing information on the investigation of the complaint and the actions taken, than only saying to look into it, that many honest players like me leave the game! And it will happen and it already happened by the fact that I have been told that a friend of another RN-Player really left the game of this! And I am considering to really do the same after the ban is over and finished the server I have started, not to leave my long time group without finishing and explaining why I probably stop playing RN. Because I hate it when I play a game with cheaters and the people who should do something about these cheaters are not doing something about those players and let them continue playing and really spoil the game for us!

    It is a long message but I am really concerned about MY game which I really love that much and hope that with this message Travian are really looking into the current policies such that we as honest players get the feeling that Travian really takes our complaints seriously and really take the actions which should be taken against cheating players.

    Best regards,

    Vlaartje (Eric)

  • Hi Nikki,

    sorry to come back with another addition, but basically it runs down to the fact that I, and probably a lot of honest players like me, loose the trust and confidence in Travion to be able to protect us honest (and paying customers) against fraud and cheating players.

    Best regards,


  • Dear Vlaartje, I know you don't like my playing style but I do happen to agree with you on this ;)

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    It is a completely corrupted server at best, and a totalitarian server at worst.

    Everyone knows this already however, and many have left this server (or the RN game). I can only recommend you do the same or try a different community other than NL.

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

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  • Hi Nikki,

    don't bother answering my post not that I value your opinion but reading the thread "One last rant about the Game Rules (and support staff)" I am sure I can guess the possible content of your response ;-).

    I have made my final decision, after my ban, I will gather all my gold and get it to the one server I just started to play with the group I play already with for some time. As soon as my gold has been spend, I will permanently leave Rail-Nation and for sure will never play a game of Travian anymore. If Travian can not uphold his own rules, they do not deserve people like me and for sure not my money.

    Best regards and good luck with your job at Travian,


  • Hi Vlaartje,

    Firstly, thank you for your honesty and bringing this situation to my attention.
    Over my short time as part of the Rail Nation team, I'm learning what topics are important to the community and looking to give them a better opportunity to voice their feelings around those topics. So it's really important that players, such as yourself, continue to vocalise and draw attention to issues like this.

    Though I don't personally know much currently about the multi-account situation, I know that its one of the topics most commonly raised by the community. Knowing this, I'll strive to learn more about the situation and see how I can better support in the communication of those issues.

    We do have some changes planned soon for how we communicate with the community and I hope this will at least help in improving community relations and giving voice to the urgency of topics like yours. The more we know about the impacts and troubles being faced by players like you, the more we can understand and help.

    In the meantime, I'll pass your concerns on to the team looking after the multi-account situation, though I'm sure they are already aware of it.

    I do hope you continue to play or at least join us in discussions to help address these issues future

  • Hi Nikki,

    many thanks for your reply!! And many thanks you do not bring up your procedures around your privacy policy ;-)

    When you discuss one another with your colleagues you may want to take the complete discussion under the One last rant about the Game Rules (and support staff) thread. A great concern among many of us players is that we as players have not trust in Travian that they handle our complaints seriously. It is not that we question the quality of the staff but we players are not informed about what has been factly done with the complaint, than only the reply back that nothing will be shared about the investigation, the outcome and the actions taken, those are however just empty words, without any given proof, which is just not good enough for players like me and I am sure a lot of players like me.

    If than, there are many examples, where it is 200% obvious that a reported player is a cheater and one does not see any actions against such players than you and Travian will loose players like me, who are serious, honest and also paying for the game. I experienced the same, a player who admitted using four accounts and shortly after I said I have reported this player activated another 4 fake accounts! I have not seen this player banned on the Stoomketel server, which I already left as mentioned, I also see this player on the Euromast server, with the same 4 fake accounts but still playing. In my opinion this player should be banned for at least 2 month to tell this player..... do not think we are stupid, play the game fair and honest and if not, go look for some other game, but do not jeopardize OUR BUSINESS, by spoiling the game for our honorable highly valued honest players, who happen to be the people who see to it that I receive a pay check every end of the month and we can not LIVE without them.

    Good luck!

    Vlaartje (Eric)

  • Hi Nicola,

    I am playing with a group of serious players, who pay serious and real money to play the game of your company. Why does game support does not take us seriously and threathens me with a ban if I report complaints we have which accoring to article 4 of the game rules of RailNation disrupts our game-experience??

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Nicola,

    I tried to issue a feedback on the support I got handling of a ticket I had - But it seems as if I can not issue the remark accompanying this feedback so here it is for ticket #530688

    Game support is not willing to solve our problem with a player we have, although game support admits that the way this player is handling IS disrupting our game experience according to article 4 of the game rules.

    The player continuous to disrupt the game experience of 19 players! Not only that but he is laughing in our faces and threatens even to disrupt our End Game.

    Next to the fact that the player continuous his doings, game support is threatening me to ban my account if I keep on reporting game violations of this player.

    I still have 1600 gold or something most of it I bought to play the game but as soon as this gold has gone I will happily leave RailNation and will never play a Travian game again and will certainly advice my fellow team mates to do the same and together find another game with better support than Travian has, who takes his customers seriously.

    Best regards,


  • best of luck vlaartje, I too will soon be leaving RN after 8 years playing, the past 2-3 years has become progressively difficult to enjoy the game, even though I have met 1000's of great people over the years, the constant greed of travian for "buy more gold" and severe lack of support and pathetic customer service has pushed me to that decision too.

  • just want to know if this game is run by children. No matter what gets said. eg. you disagree with something, nope can't discuss that without RN banning you. can't have a go at someone RN bans you. seriously you not heard the freedom of speech act. Or is it only those that line your back pockets get to say what they want and get away with it. the amount I report and I get told "oh its part of the game". I then do the same.. "you have violated this code" Just saying different standards for those that pay to win nothing and those that don't.

  • As it's already been mentioned, I am a bit of a "train nerd", though I'm not quite a walking train encyclopedia yet. I do love a good train or industrial museum and I'm always looking for recommendations on places to visit, so if you have any, please share!

    Hi Nikki

    Not far from Cologne and apparently worth seeing:

    ( Parada Parowozów 2021 | Parowozownia Wolsztyn )


    We inform you that the Steam Engine Parade 2021 in Wolsztyn is planned at the turn of August and September.

    We are determined to organize this event, but in our opinion the traditional April-May date is impossible to meet. We believe that the postponement of the date by four months will give us the opportunity to meet in safe conditions at the Wolsztyn station. We cannot imagine that the tradition of over 30 years of parades would be abandoned.

    Your health and safety are our priority. We hope to meet you as soon as possible!"

    Write if you were and what impressions.



    Die diesjährige Steam Parade findet - nach aktuellen Plänen - am Wochenende vom 4. bis 5. September statt

    Viele Grüße und viel Spaß