Goodbye from an OPEN BETA player (for RN staff)

  • Hi everybody,
    I write this message in english (French native, so might have some mistakes) because I hope it will be follow to some decision-maker of Railnation.

    I play Railnation since the first french server and I wanted to write this report because after years of play (with some 6months breaks), I will stop playing this game permanently.

    First, I want to thanks RN staff because they make a really good game and add lovely scenario each more interesting than the previous.
    Also thanks for the good phone development because it's not that bad COMPARE TO THE COMPUTER VERSION. Maybe it's not representative to community thought because I use it since only 1 year. But for me, the only bug/difficulty I have on phone device and not computer device are bind to size of the device : you can't see what you write / when you enter number of wagon you want to buy, it's hard to clear the keyboard to click on the buy button,... (also longest loading time than on computer but because as it's on phone, it's understandable)

    Secondly, I want to express my disapointment about the balance of resources between game development and bugs. Since my first server, my device always improve (at the begin : 2010 hp tower computer connect to adsl by wifi / now : homemade tower computer build with latest components in Q1 2020 connect to 1Gb fiber box with RJ45 cat6 cable). And since my first server, the number of bugs, loading time and application crash always increase ! Especially in the last 2/3 years, it's become countless and now I stop contact support because they are too many and it's always the same answer ( "know bug and we working on it" / unknow bug, "We will work on it) but they are almost never corrected. Some players complain about the priority from stuff who make money, but I disagree : my new computer with fiber connection take 7s to show the shop page ingame and make the game crash sometimes (and between 20s and 1min to connect to a server). It's longer than the beginning when I had a bad computer with bad connection (For example, my actual computer need less than 5s to start (from shut down, not sleep mode) and 2s to open the whole facebook or Netflix page, other website pages are mainly immediate).
    And the base of the game didn't change. I agree that you add lot of secondary functions (and some can bug). But for me the basic function are the same than the beginning and even that have more bug than the 1st french open beta server I played !!!

    And Third, STOP that big mess with final balance!!!
    When you make some change who have a big impact, try it only on 2/3 servers (1 german, 1 russian, 1 int for exemple and in different scenario classic / US / EU) to collect data and make adjustment. Don't implement it on every server!!! You've shatter my 2 last final. Come back to the old system!!!

    Try some modification in 2/3 servers. And after a conclusive test, implement it on more server or every server. BUT MAKE SOME TEST BEFORE ! You're losing lot of players because of that !!! Including me... but in my case, it's not the only reason. It's just the latest of many reasons (mainly bugs) that decided me to stop playing.

    You will be surprised by the reaction of the community (and player cash invest in, not at first but at 2nd or 3rd server) to server focus on bug correction, faster loading time and final without more bug than during the era with for example : a team focus on that server to correct bugs (reliant to your resources), remove secondary functions who bug too much or are too complexe, make graphic lighter,...

    Sometimes, you have some great ideas but unfortunately lot of times you have small bad ideas or you add small functions who create some big bugs. Use the same method that "Path Of Exil" developers : regularly make new server with new change (scenarios, gear, balance, secondary functions,... like platform X) and some special reward to attract test players (like special locomotive design) but don't implement it directly to main servers! And if the community reaction is good, then you can implement it into the other server. If they are not (dislike, bugs,...), new functions/ideas go to trash !

    I hope this will be read by some RN staff to be remember in your next decisions.

    I thank you again for that game because I enjoyed it a lot and hope it will continue for many years !


  • Thank you for your letter Piway and thank you for playing with us for many years. We are sad to see you leave and we hope you know you are always welcome back!

    Glad to hear the mobile version has been a good companion for you, and we will focus on polishing the app next among other things.

    On bugs and performance improvements: The switch to HTML5 has been a giant of a task but now fixing bugs and improving performance gets faster and more efficient. As examples, we did two XXL updates: XXL Update 23.09 - 24.09.2020 and Rollout Plan for the XXL Performance Update v6.3.0.0

    ^ this is the road we will continue on

    The game keeps evolving and Platform X is a good step to test new features and balancing, and of course, gather feedback on those changes. We also promote the PTR (test servers) and reward those who join the test server. Interesting idea to reward players with a special 'PTR engine skin', Gold doesn't have to be the only reward.

    Your letter has been heard, and I'm glad to see the Rail Nation team has many of the same goals in mind as you do, and we can already see those goals being moved to practice. Perhaps it wasn't soon enough for you, but I hope you will check on our progress once in a while even if you aren't playing.

    This community needs people like you who have put their heart and soul in this game, to join discussions and share your unique input together with other players and the RN team members.

    I wish you all the best on your journey and once again, thank you for your kind words and valuable feedback.

    🥂 Here's to you and don't be a stranger!

  • CM Punk, I don t want to transform that thread on rage thread pls, it's not the point.
    They make some good stuff and also some bad.
    And for me, try some stuff in a server like Platform X is a very good begin. But final balance should be test only on that server and not all server.

    Some report for final balance that I don't understand how quantity are calculate :

    count only player who deliver the city is a good thing. But only in last 24h is to short. Example of count :
    - server X2, count in last 3 days
    - server normal speed, count in last 5 days

    If quantity huge depend of number of player, don t put town level in the calculation. And also, the RATIO IS TOO HIGH : Bigger is the number of player in a town, lower is the % of players who are present for rush and bigger is the chance that other players shatter your factories (big waiting time) because they don t follow the instruction (On good (rush) / off good (slow, with supply))

    I let you see the attachment (edit of multiple screenshot, but number are correct and take at same time in platformX 20min ago)