Map pins and in-game links

  • Sorry if this topic exist already, I was unable to find it.

    In game we receive messages from system that have an inside link to some game objects, like factories on the map.
    If we click on it we can jump directly to that factory.

    Can we create similar links in the game chats?

    I mean, can we place in chat references to some game objects (factories, users, etc)?

  • Hi MarkLazar and thank you for the interesting suggestion. I moved your thread from the Playground to here, as it might deserve more attention.

    To answer your question, there is no way to 'pin' locations on the map and I do not remember a suggestion for such a feature.

    So let's start discussing how this feature would work in practice and is it something we need. How often would you (anyone) pin a location on the map so other association members could then click on a link that appears in the association chat for example, and they are moved to that location on the map after clicking on that link?

    Or what if these map pins had a separate thread in the association message system. No player could write in that thread, but map pins would appear and turn into links automatically - and players could write a short message to go with the pin. How about a pin widget, a separate window for all pins and tabs depending on who made the pins - was it Chair, Mayor, or President?

    Just some quick practical solutions for how it might look like - but what is more important is, how often would an association chair, or a mayor/president need a map pin system and in which situations would it prove useful. Does it have the potential of becoming one of those life improvements that you couldn't imagine your game without?

    What about limitations, do all players need the pin system, or should this be saved just for Chairs so the map would not be filled with random pins? What if you could tag a certain player to go with a pin?

    The thread is yours...

  • A map pin is an interesting idea. Your suggestion is larger than I initially intended to ask.

    What I asked was if exist a possibility (or an intention to develop it) to place links in a message (not exactly only in the chat, sorry that I was not so specific) like this one:
    "Please invest here as we lost the majority"

    where "here" is a link that will open the factory invests tab.


    "Hey president, have a look to this player, maybe we can bring him to us"

    (where "this" is a link to user profile window).

    But would be good to allow of course to refer in messages other objects too, like Land Marks, Special Routes or "Battle for Europe" windows.

    As for a pin system ... I do not see it as needed, even if is interesting idea, as I said.
    But maybe others have other thoughts. :-)

  • When an industry grows you can use the industry name mentioned in the system message to jump in one go to that industry. The option is already ingame present.

    I think a copy paste option with the industry names to add to a message with the same kind of link to an industry would be helpfull.

    This would also a nice feature during endgames to make calls and everybody can use that link to start from the correct called industry.

    If you click the bold text of the industry name you go to mentioned industry.

    if you click on the bold prestige the prestige overview opens.


    Work for a cause

    Not for applause

    Live life to express

    Not to impress

  • This is what the links look like.

    It will be better if there is an easier way to write them :)

    The landmark <a href="event:object,eabe9816-48f1-4747-a89b-205cd6fbf5cc"><font color="#385887" face="Noto Sans Black">Acropolis</font></a> has grown to level 14. The maximum level of the city thereby increases to 70. For your deliveries and investments you receive <a href="event:screen,prestigeOverviewScreen"><font color="#385887" face="Noto Sans Black">1167 prestige</font></a>.

  • Code
    The industry <a href="event:object,6044e3fd-5d29-4b9d-8943-7a361113d993"><font color="#385887" face="Noto Sans Black">Sawmill Istanbul South</font></a> has grown to level 21. You have received <a href="event:screen,prestigeOverviewScreen"><font color="#385887" face="Noto Sans Black">5 prestige</font></a> for your investments. Previous investments have been mostly reset.

  • This will be useful when saying commands to transport goods. From a certain industry.

  • Thank you Rear Me Roar, indeed is possible to insert links to objects in messages as you wrote above (I tested), but is not something that can be used easily.

    But yes, that is what I asked about in OP.

    And again yes, I think can be useful if RN will implement a simply way to refer such objects in messages or chats, something like this:


  • This feature has long been implemented in another Travian project. There in messages there are icons for creating tags of associations, players, objects on the map, as well as auxiliary emoticons, resource icons, units.


    This feature has long been implemented in another Travian project. There in messages there are icons for creating tags of associations, players, objects on the map, as well as auxiliary emoticons, resource icons, units.