Bug in winter event

  • I seem to lose winter coins when buying the 40 coin-pack and get combo sledge and mittens. That should not be possible, as sledge is prized 19 coins and mittens 22 at the moment. I should get +1 on that combo. Instead I get -1.

  • The prizes you see are the amounts of wintercoins you have to pay if you buy items.

    When you are selling items you get the amount of wintercoins minus 1 for every item.

    At the first WinterEvent 2 years ago the prizes were the same for buying and selling items. But there was a lot of abuse (from RNs point of view, not ours!) so they changed that before the second WinterEvent started last year.

    :Train: NL01 Stoomketel

    :Train:  NL201 Euromast

    :Train: COM202 Loch Ness *

    :Train: ES201 El Escorial *

    :Train: M1.201 Scandinavia *

    * played my last round at this server, due to

    :thumbdown: RN'S LACK OF DECENT BUG FIXING :thumbdown: