Game slows down. What can I do with settings?

  • Hi, I'm playing on a 10 year old MacBook.

    The game works fine overall, but the train movement/graphics slow the game down, to almost unplayable level.

    When I'm somewhere on the map where my trains are not, everything runs smooth. But as soon as I'm near my hometown, or somewhere where I need to change the train's routes, everything slows down to a crawl.

    What can I do?

    I'm trying with low-3d train models and energy saving mode, but it doesn't help at all. :cursing:

  • Hi, It seems that this thread was left alone.

    I have modern Mac, and while game is playable, it kills battery and puts fans at 100%. Energy saving might help, but I never really had a clear indication that it dramatically reduced overhead.

    Further, energy saving mode preferences seem to not be saved from one access to the next one, so in the end I can barely benefit from this.