More levels for bank

  • I would like to see more levels to the bank.

    A: Even with a Plus Account, it is too easy to hit the limit on the bank. My opinion is that you shouldn't hit limits if you log in at least once a day. In Era 5, it doesn't seem difficult to sustain revenue of 3 to 4 million dollars/hr, which fills the bank in less than 24 hours, especially since one does not normally want to drive the account balance all the way to zero every time one logs off.

    B: The bank is the odd man out, restaurant, shopping center, and hotel all have 32 levels, why not the bank ?

    I suggest at least 2 more levels, with $5 million increments without a plus account ($10 million with a plus accoun), giving limits of $35 million ($70million) and $40 million ($80 million). The major impact on the game would be that you get to sleep (or shop, or work, or visit friends) a little longer.

    What do you think ?

  • You should seriously consider playing at 2x speed. There the bank limit is double :)

  • I don't think, this is very important for the game.

    - limit RP is 12 - 13 hour (without Plus-account maybe 14-15 hours)

    - after this time there is the possibility of access to representation.

    The game is built so, that players come after at least 12 hours (this is an online game)

    Hear Me Roar - playing 2x speed after more than 12 hours has probably no meaning ;)

  • When I was playing at normal speed, I also had such a problem with the bank.

    Now I only play 2x speed and often I can't fill 120 million in 24 hours.

    That's why I think and feel that 2x is much better for this question.

    But this is an online game and is definitely designed to be visited at least twice a day.

    You are very right about that.

  • As someone has already said, X2 gives much better bank capacity. It also gives much better Research capacity. This is one of the main reasons I do not play normal speed.

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    But to compel the Hard and Unyielding it has no equal.


  • ... It also gives much better Research capacity. ...

    Actually that doesn't matter.

    Whether you're playing Normal speed or Double speed, your lab will be overflowing in about 12-16 hours (or so, depending on having Plusacc and lab-level).

    And second, you'll get to your prefered engines at about the same time in the eras (eg. halfway through an era).

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