Sopranos Invitation

  • Hello to All!

    Sopranos invite all players to rejoin a very interesting & full of challenges game worlds the Big Ben (Steam over Europe) or the Tower Bridge (Steam over Europe x2).

    Is important to rejoin at the beginning of the new eras on each server and not close to the end of one (explanations lather under Sopranos tutorials).

    If you decide to join the Big Ben, and play with Sopranos you should know we are based in France and planning to play the End Game in Lyon or Bordeaux.

    For the moment Sopranos are based in Marseilles but whit a good deal for development with Lyon and in total commercial competition with Paris and planning a great expansion to Bruselles.

    If you are a SimCity style player pls join Marseilles,if you are a really active one then join Paris but in all other city's you will find Sopranos who are ready to help. Also can start in England where Sopranos have good agreements with the future winner team,they have already win many rounds and almost sure they will win that round also,but we can have a good option for the second place if the negotiations with them will have success

    If you decide to join the Tower Bridge server you have to know we are based in Barcelona Spain, the endgame city in Spain is decided for Malaga but Sopranos have a good option to play the endgame in France also, we have not make our decision so please Join Barcelona if you want to play with Sopranos!

    Good Game to all and have fun playing RailNation!

    Happy New Year 2021!

    Bldog Uj Evet 2021!

    La Multi Ani 2021!

    Bonne Annee 2021!

    p.s. Sopranos is a new team in RailNation, started his first server on BigBen, with some chances have recovered one association on TowerBridge ( the chair become inactive for 7 days and BruceSoprano have recovered ,renamed and tried to reorganize the association).

    Sorry for my English, is not my native tongue!