American Dream (USA) Map showing Warehouse Connections

  • Hi all,

    Because I couldn't find any map with warehouse locations and connections for the American Dream scenario, I created one.

    For those (including myself) who love connecting many cities for extra prestige ;)

    There are 10 types of people in this world:

    Those who understand binary and those who don't

  • In addition, maybe I should explain a bit how this map has been very useful for me and helped me get at least one victory on one of the AD servers.

    This strategy is for active and experienced players only. It is not for everyone. Some may even dislike it.

    For this to work you need to connect as many cities on the US map as possible. Aim at connecting 20-30 cities (On my winning round I had all 50 connected).

    Connect the cities only to the nearby warehouse (this is where the map comes in handy)

    Don't try to connect each RG industry to each city.
    (Of course you want to be fully connected to your association's main city. I am talking about the other 20+ secondary cities)

    While you are online you do what you would normally do: Help your association achieve it's team goals (level up cities, conquer blue vs red cities, etc.). After all RN is a team game :)

    At night, while offline, you set 1 single slot train per connected city, hauling all 4 RG from the nearby warehouse.
    Why from the warehouse? This has 2 advantages:

    - you need a lot less tracks and therefore a lot less money
    - you will not affect industry wait time which sometimes leads to complaints from the local assocs.

    This way of harvesting prestige points from many cities, adds up to a lot of PP at daily reset.
    Needless to say that having the +50% city prestige worker and/or flipping red/blue cities helps a lot!

    I hope my map can be useful to some of you.

    Have fun!!!

    There are 10 types of people in this world:

    Those who understand binary and those who don't

  • Thanks!

    Hurry up to use these strategies!

    Because soon Bruno will change the rules and it will not be valid.

    There will be prestige only when the city grows.