Com203 performance issues AGAIN

  • Yet again there is severe lag on this server.

    Any command is taking at least 5 seconds to get any form of reaction....

    Ok it's Era change and you'll say EVERYONE is trying to get on at once so................. Well with 205 people online, if that so severely impacts the server then you need a new one... It is Pathetic, especially after all the problems we've had on this server over the last few days..

    EG in a week... It will be unplayable under these types of circumstances.

    FFS get the bloody thing FIXED

  • I agree. It's quite unplayable. Much worse than yesterday, even when it already had passed into new Era.

    I think the problem that caused the crash earlier is not fixed. Patched up a bit, perhaps, but the terrible performance at the moment may well hint that the underlying problem still persists.

  • What's happening now ?

    "New Era" screen - as soon as I move the mouse to click "continue game" everything freezes - all buttons gone - (nice wallpaper) - not even F5 works to reboot - I have to close browser and start over.

    I've come too far just to let go of this game - but the joy is no longer the game - it's the people playing it that keeps me here.

  • This is what happens when a product with known problems is pushed out anyways, with the intention of "patching" (hahaha) as needed.
    here's the problem with Patching folks, and i'll use Drywall as my example...

    Some jerk punches a hole in my wall .. i have 3 choices ..
    A: slap a patch right over the hole, smear some paint, and hope for the best.

    Result? ... A Patch that fails and falls out very quickly.

    B: Take a few more seconds, clear out some of the broken bits, sand the edges, and take the time to create the best patch possible - Primer and paint.

    Result? .. a better patch, but still not a permanent repair.

    C: Fix it right the first time: Cut out the damaged section back to structural supports, add in structure as needed .. install a new section of drywall, properly secured to Structure, plaster the joints, sand .. tape the joints, sand .. finish plaster the edges 1 more time, sand smooth.

    Primer, paint.

    Result? .. A Permanent repair that will not need to be touched again, unless some idiot punches a hole in it again.

    and folks... option C is actually FASTER about 50% of the time.

    Think about that.

    Sadly, option A seems to be the method of choice for "Patching" RN servers from our (The Players) perspective.

  • So extra hardware was allocated to the server for EG.... What a pity it made so little difference it hardly mattered.

    Anything up to 3-5 refreshes to get things to work... That is not a game and fun to play, it is the biggest pain in the Butt on earth.

    OK we managed to win the EG, but that's it for me.. I've left the server.. Only problem is that all the problems from this server are now starting to manifest onto other servers like US103 and Com5,

    Platform X doesn't get away scott free either, constant refreshes on there also... So if there are future rounds planned for that, I'll not be playing... Which means I'm down to 2 servers from 4, and trust me... Keep putting Mickey Mouse patches onto servers instead of actually FIXING something, then those 2 will go out of the window as well.... And I know a lot of other people are thinking exactly the same.

    Getting to LAST CHANCE stage Travian..... Fix the game properly for the first time in over 12 months, or start seeing your client base reduce drastically.