Assoc Track Building

  • Railway Company's would always lay tracks the quickest route from A to B....

    The RN map tends to disregard this idea........!

    The gameplay option to build a shorter connection track would be a very interesting addition to the scenario!

    Just saying!

  • Hmm - shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line.

    Bridges, tunnels!

    Could be interesting with the amount of competing companies all trying to get there the shortest way possible. Have you ever played TTD or Open TTD? Even with just six companies all heading for the same supply it is a complex of rails and tunnels and bridges and complex signals and waiting tracks and routes completely blocked by other companies, :)

    Assuming that each individual has the map to themselves as is current, how would you charge for the shorter routes. Would this not simply be another pay-to-win option?

  • Being a Railroad Tycoon player for many years...before it died.....I find RN could provide a better expansion package....

    If its built everyone can use it.....some may benefit more than others.....!

  • Different, over simplified system here. Have you tried Open TTD? If some games mogal were to re-do TTD properly they ought to make a fortune, imo. Nothing produced since compares, does it? Nothing even gets close not even Chris Sawyers own reprise.