Let's discuss ⚙️ Video engine update

  • Marius, your conclusion towards the end is spot on: it will be easier for the gold spender to win while the moderate spender and especially the player who can barely put 10 EUR into this game will have to work harder. I understand your logic, but by working harder that means he will have to spend more time in the game, and more importantly, be more efficient at it. A thing that can only lead to one thing, ok maybe two: the skill bar either raises or some players quit. I'm for the former.

    But let's be honest here and admit that we wouldn't be having this discussion if ads weren't present in the game. Picture that scenario and the fact that gold would still be present in the game. Would you still be playing the game? I would argue yes. Picture that ads are now introduced in the game and any player can watch unlimited ads (granted they are available) and all of a sudden you see a shift in economy. I would argue that it would have bothered you.

    But now, instead of watching station videos, the players who are going for the top need to:

    - be more considerate about his gold portfolio (perhaps only buying lottery tickets with 5 and 10 gold);

    - be more considerate about his money portfolio (perhaps not investing huge amounts for only 30-50 prestige, but only invest where his money/prestige ratio is more than 50);

    - be more considerate about running the competitions (they will have to really time their start and strategically chose which competitions to run);

    - be more considerate about bidding for workers, laying tracks, buying railcars, since money is going to take a hard hit for the players who were watching more than 500 videos per day.

    All in all, a player needs to adapt and be better at the game.

  • Sure my playstyle "doesn't feel right" because this is a train game and not a "who has time to click 30s timers game". Does it feel right that players feel that every competitive element in the game is won by someone who spent more money than you? Because the potential of sacrificing ones time to get up to 728 bonuses a day, made a new option for those silly enough to become that assembly line worker to give them more of a competitive edge. Does it feel right that ads have been a part of the game for 5-6 years and only because Travian cant make ad money on blank timers, they yank a feature from the game?

    I repeat my questions to you /Mihai

    I disagree with some of your assertions, but everyone has their POV and I embrace differences in opinion. I'm not trying to attack you, I honestly want to know your take on my questions and therefore understand better your point of view.

  • I repeat my questions to you /Mihai

    I disagree with some of your assertions, but everyone has their POV and I embrace differences in opinion. I'm not trying to attack you, I honestly want to know your take on my questions and therefore understand better your point of view.

    No one is attacking anyone here, at least not directly, haha. I am sorry I missed your question, let me answer it please. I will try to break down your questions.

    1. Players that spend more money than me most definitely don't win every competitive element in the game. Let me give you some examples:

    - having ALL available bonus trains and the best regular trains doesn't mean you're automatically going to win every competition (if you don't time your start well);

    - having tens of thousands of gold doesn't mean you're automatically going to generate most prestige points (if you don't switch trains properly);

    - having huge amounts of money due to lottery tickets doesn't mean you're going to be able to generate most prestige points (if you're not signing in often);

    - lastly, being able to fully max your station doesn't mean you're going to stay 1st spot until the round ends (if you're not playing properly).

    2. Watching videos doesn't come without effort, I agree with you. I only argued that it's not a game mechanic, it's a gimmick. Active players are always rewarded more than inactive players, and that is fine, yes. But active players should pull ahead of inactive players through game mechanics not through gimmicks.

    3. I don't know why Rail Nation yanked the ads feature, I do however tend to agree with you on the "not being able to capitalize on the ads". Whether that feels right or not depends on the truth, and we can only speculate on their motivation. I for one feel it's the right call, from my perspective, from Rail Nation's perspective this might be more of a business decision, well actually of course it's a business decision.

  • if you watch 400 videos per day you watch almost 1/3 of all the videos you can watch in an asso with 25 players (1300 videos in 24 hours available if all videos are watched with + account).

    So 24 other people have to share the other 2/3 of the videos, that's not fair either. That's why I'm for a restriction per day.

    I like this reply although it does not align with my own preference.

    You've certainly got a point there. There are players that abuse the video system, but in my experience most players don't, and if there is a good communication within the association, by talking you can encourage your mates to not make a massive consumption of the bonuses.

    In the worst cases, it's relatively ease to do a careful inspection of your mates behaviour and identify who are the abusers.

    And yes, for sure your solution will drasticvally limit the abuses in the video system, but will also punish many 'innocent' people, those that do a fair use of it, trying to share the benefits throughout the association. Is that fair?

    This very same ethical dilemma can be applied to many aspects of real life. For instance, everybody knows that some social subsides protect very vulnerable people, but there are a small amount of people that ilegally benefit from them. Is it fair to supress those subsides to avoid abuses, leaving all those vulnerable people unprotected?.

  • I don't see why players normally active could read an equal amount of videos than players who are logged every day and for many hours or even all day. Hyper active players read more videos than the others who can't and/or don't want to be online often. Someone more implicated receive more bonuses, this is fair. It's like giving majorities to an association at endgame because it hauls already more than the others.

  • Thank you for your answers /Mihai, I just didn't want to give the impression that I was attacking your opinions or thoughts.

    1. The question wasn't about WWs auto winning everything, its the emotional lie that I think most players tell themselves whenever they lose. Before yesterday RN wasn't a pay2win game IMHO. Players like me and you could invest a lot of time and knowledge to beat a player with a lot of money who didn't invest the right amount of time and knowledge. Tortes / Hare kind of thing. I think this is the reason why its 4/5 stars you see complaining about the ad limit being put in place, this was the competitive edge they used for those top player wins. Before yesterday WW weren't the only players who had an "unfair" advantage.

    How many athletes want to train for years to compete naturally when they can encounter jacked up competition? Know the history of the Tour De France? Cyclists convinced themselves that you had to dope to level the playing field and most did. Travian wants the only way for players to level the RN field is to spend money, not spend time on an activity that was installed to make Travian money but failed to do so. (I believe because they don't Beta Test the App platform and after years of money spent on development, Travian is tired of not turning a profit from a game feature and made up an excuse to close it off)

    But back to why I asked the question. With RN returning to pay2win, I believe there will be an emotional toll on the players and people who want to have fun in a game and will seek greener pastures because pay2win is now the only unfair advantage.

    2. I'm sorry, I view everything in RN as a gimmick. Someone programmed a game to turn a profit. Everything about the game is to entice people to this game and not another.

    Is teleporting from one side of the map to another through the museum a mechanic or a gimmick in your eyes? Do you advocate that trains coming out of the museum only do so at the player's home city? will changing home cities have a 24 hr cooldown like joining an association? Is taking away what has become accepted game play OK cuz it was cheesy in the first place?

    3. "What feels right" is never based on facts because we will never know the truth about the reason for the change. "What feels right" will always be based on speculation and in my experience someone else has a VERY difficult time changing someone's gut feelings.

  • If you think this from a different perspective, the decision is rather odd given the fact that Rail Nation actually loses the income generated from the station videos. I am rather surprised they've done this, but I am enjoying it :D

    No, I am not a good payer, I'd say I spend roughly around 30-50 EUR per round (that's 3 months for me since I play mainly classic).

    30-50€ per round is the third part of mean monthly salary in some eastern european countries. Now I understand why of your responses. This change clearly benefits you as you are a pay2winner.

    Before I continue, I have to give my most sincere thanks to you: you help financing this game, making possible that it is (almost) free for most of us.

    And after that, I'd like to encourage you to think about these 2 aspects:

    1. If you consider that getting extra benefits from watching videos is an abusibe income, wouldn't it be fair to say also that the extra benefits from paying are abusibe. Then, why not capping the max amount of benefits that one can get from spending gold? And what would you think if RN decided to punish the pay2winners in such a way? You can rest asured that you'll never see that, as nowadays in this world only money matters.

    2. Since I began playing this, there has been a continuos tendency to benefit the pay2winners. I don't know if this will be the definitive hit, but this tendency will ultimatelly expell to players that don't like purchasing a victory when they finally realize that there is no competition possible. And when this happens, competition will also disappear for you, when you find out that what originally was a competitive game able to balance time, knowledge and wallets has become some kind of bizarre auction where the one paying the highest amount gets the victory, the one paying the second highest amount gets a silver badge, and so on...

    The difference between you and me is that I love that you have the option to get benefits spending the resource that you own (cash), I think that it gives unskilled players some options and increases competitivity adding a new factor to beat. On the contrary, you don't like others getting benefits for the resource that others own (time). You desire that benefits are only available with the resource that you own. If you could, you'd even reduce the benefits from the 3rd core resource (knowledge). That's why your opinion is wrongly founded.

  • All in all, a player needs to adapt and be better at the game.

    Calm friend! 8o

    This is just the beginning of big changes ...

    The game will become more and more Pay2Win while nothing else matters ...

  • The game will become more and more Pay2Win while nothing else matters ...

    I agree with the first part of this statement, but not the final part. As I typed in another post here, I really like that there are SO many victories that players can claim in RN. Chief among them is End Game. Rail Nation continues to be about the biggest organized group winning Region/Faction, End Game, Association, City Comps, etc.

    Top player / top ten, sure after this rolls out will only be a competition amongst Wallet Warriors, but as I once teased to the top player, in the top corp, that won EG. She still got the "Better Chance Next Time" loser screen because her faction didn't win.

  • Calm friend! 8o

    This is just the beginning of big changes ...

    The game will become more and more Pay2Win while nothing else matters ...

    Will? Started long ago, even in my short RN life I saw several changes, which reduced the chances of non-spending players :

    - chance for free tickets from gathering bonuses got reduced

    - daily bonuses got reworked in a way you get half of what you were getting before. And most important part - no instants ;)

    - chance for instants from tickets got drastically reduced. At the same time the limit of max Lottery 4 to be able to receive instants was never even discussed. Especially cool on US servers :)

    - this.

  • There has been a lot of talking about this topic, about usual stuff. But did we ever get to know, or discuss how poor/good is actually the Pollux train?

    Any stats available for it?

    It is very similar to a career locomotive.

    You can add one upgrade each day (for 1x speed).

    The system itself chooses what to improve.

    The locomotive is really good.

  • Let's forget about the company's worries about sleep and addiction.

    We are convinced that this cannot be the reason for such changes!

    Otherwise we would get many other changes and restrictions and not just video restrictions!

    The main question is why didn't we get an alternative to the video?

    Some game mechanics that are an alternative for active players!

    Why did you just take from the players?

    Is your goal to kill payers' competition?

    Is it your goal that low income players can't compete with high income players? (Pay2Win!)

  • This :)

    Otherwise we should also have limits on buildings per day, tracks per day, comps, investment amount etc etc...

    I'd like to play a round with limited route changes per day though :D Let's see who can squeeze the maximum ;)

  • Travian wants the only way for players to level the RN field is to spend money, not spend time on an activity that was installed to make Travian money but failed to do so.

    That is not true. How will someone who has unlimited amount of gold but cannot play more than 2 hours per day compete with someone who plays this game for 16 hours? He cannot compete.

    And yes, teleporting from a corner of the map to another in 10 minutes is a gimmick and should be removed from the game.

  • And yes, teleporting from a corner of the map to another in 10 minutes is a gimmick and should be removed from the game.

    Such gold tricks will not be removed. They will even increase!


  • I am most certainly not a pay-to-win player, how can I be with just 30 EUR? You are comparing oranges to apples when you're referring to salaries. By your standards a french player with 30 EUR spent in a game is filthy rich? How about a player from Somalia that spent 30 EUR in a game? I would argue that the player from Somalia has a better life then.

    And why are you turning this topic, ever since it started, into a debate of gold vs no-gold debate? Make a separate topic and complain about how powerful gold is and how this is a pay to win game, because to some extent IT IS, but this is not the topic of this thread!

    And your last conclusion, with all due respect, is BS. If you have more time than me then:

    - you will be able to run and win more competitions than me;

    - you will be able to invest into industries more often than me, making more money and prestige in the meantime;

    - you will be able to run for golden hours or switch passenger trains at recalculation and make more money than me;

    - you will be able to switch trains more often and generate more prestige points than me;

    - you will be able to service your trains and upgrade your station buildings more frequent than me.

    How are all the above not counting towards advantages of an active player towards an inactive player?

  • You have competitions :)

  • You have competitions :)

    Until now, there were them, but they are not enough.

    And everyone knows that.8o

    To be enough there must be several times more.

    Or some other game mechanics ...