Let's discuss ⚙️ Video engine update

  • Aesculus glabra - that's plenty of questions! I do have answers to some of your questions but the rest will have to wait.

    Pollux will not replace Primus. Pollux is a completely new and free bonus engine you get, not from lotteries or by purchasing, but by watching one video. After this, the next videos will upgrade your Pollux engine throughout the round.

    One big decision behind Cargo is - Pollux can then be used in all Scenarios. Otherwise, it would not benefit American Dream players. I'm not familiar with the development side if it would be someday possible to go with an optional passenger bonus engine, but as players, you always have the right to make a wish!

    Base numbers and max stats - the team should be able to deliver more info in the near future. Some things may be best to leave as a surprise - the same goes for how you can upgrade the engine. Prepare to be surprised! It's quite innovative and fun!

    Pollux will be your trusted companion throughout the whole game round, so coupling will not become an issue.

    On videos (amount of videos), players have been pushing for an increase based on the comments here, and our team is gathering similar feedback from different domains. It's impressive and the feedback has been heard. I do not have more news at this moment.

  • Thank you for your feedback, Samisu.

    In my opinion, there should be no limit on how many videos people can watch in a day. Clicking on a video every 10 minutes or clicking on a train every 10 minutes makes no difference to me cos all I'm doing is clicking a mouse on a computer game so I see no reasoning behind the claim that watching more than 56 videos is unhealthy for players.

    Perhaps, the New train and upgrades each day could all happen within the first 60 videos so that people who don't want to spend the day clicking on videos can get all the upgrades each day without clicking the hundreds of videos that some people do cos they have nothing better to do during Global Lockdowns.

  • On videos (amount of videos), players have been pushing for an increase based on the comments here, and our team is gathering similar feedback from different domains. It's impressive and the feedback has been heard. I do not have more news at this moment.

    Good to hear :)

    Have a nice journey ahead Samisu, best of luck ;)

  • Did you know that tomatoes are the most harmful food and water is the most harmful drink?

    One study found that all people who died of cancer ate tomatoes.

    Another study found that all people who died of any disease drank water.

    These studies prove that tomatoes and water are especially harmful!

    With the right research you can prove literally everything!

    We know that most players do not watch video.

    Most players enter the game 1-2 times a day and do not watch video at all.

    For them, these restrictions are no problem.

    Did the video restriction affect all players?

    Did the video restriction affect the most active players?

    Yes! These restrictions are an attack on the most active part of the players!

    Next time you do research ....

    think about what exactly you want to know and prove with it!

    Are tomatoes and water really that harmful?

    How many videos should players have?

  • Nice facts but: Dosis facit remedium sive venenum

  • Don't be afraid of the video.

    Coming soon to the store:

    20 euros +20 videos per day

    50 euros +50 videos per day

    100 euros +100 videos per day

    200 euros unlimited video per day

  • I only just realized:

    There are medals to be won for watching video's and Career-points.

    Will they be adjusted? (lowered requirements)

    Or was it perhaps the medals/Career that pushed players to watch 'too much' video's, and would removing these incentives be a better way to 'solve' the 'issue'?

  • There is no problem with these things.

    There is enough video even after the restrictions ...

  • IF the video's work

    Yes, you are right!

    But if it doesn't work, the problem is in your computer or browser 8o

  • We can't continue a fact-based constructive conversation cos you are changing history.

  • I am an active player, pretty much all day as I am now retired and have much free time.

    I wish the videos to continue as was or as close to it as possible.

    In active corps/assocs there is no need to limit the videos as the available ones are used up pretty quickly, even if a Da Vinci is owned for the day.

    I especially will be angry if, for any reason, I am not allowed by your rules to watch MY OWN videos.

    The people I play with are appreciative of the effort of the active players to pick up the station bonuses for them and they don't care if their videos are played while they are away.

    Any player, when logged in, has the equal opportunity to click their bonuses. And to watch the videos if they desire to do so. Many players have little to zero interest in watching the videos.

    "Equal opportunity" does not necessarily equate to :"equal outcomes." The player effort determines the outcome.

    Let us have the freedom to watch the videos as we desire. Or to not.

  • Just because this topic has gone quiet doesn't mean people have accepted this "pay to win" supporting change.

    Seeing the notice in game today and how everyones complaints were completely ignored and this update is being forced through regardless is quite sad for the future of the game.