Let's discuss ⚙️ Video engine update

  • An interesting "bug"

    The video engine guarantees that you will receive an engine update within the first 14 videos. This appears to NOT be true.

    Today I got my bonus on the 27th video I watched.
    (It said I had 28 left, so maybe it was 28th video)

    Nevertheless, the algorithm is broken.

  • I noticed last round that for a couple weeks near the end, the only videos were self promotion, no profit in that. I think the truth is that not enough people were watching their video adds just to get a chance for a discounted EXCITING lottery ticket. No one watching means no one willing to pay them to run their adds. They got to get views count way up, to make more bucks. I skipped this round, may not come back.

  • The first (of every 2 videos) is the bonus train upgrade video. In order to watch 14 of those, in reality you need to watch 28 (especially if you have Plus on with the guaranteed 2nd video). Therefore, the limit should really read 28 videos instead of 14. It is not broken however.

    You can also choose to cancel the 2nd video and only watch 14 of the first ones :)

    What is broken, is the entire video watching element of the game, because the daily limit is set way too low.

    Active players are finding themselves twiddling their thumbs and staring at the ceiling again in between competitions, as there is nothing to do in the game anymore. You can't just use up all the videos by watching your teammate videos to help them and help yourself, as you will be stuck soon without any bonuses added to your station buildings. Nobody watches other players videos anymore. This daily limit thing is total crap, the game is now beyond boring and I'm logging off to play other games every hour.

  • How many engine updates can you get in 1 day, if there is a limit?

    1x - 1

    2x - 2

    4x - 4


  • I only see a counter for the number of videos left available for me while I am watching a video. It would be really useful to have a counter displayed in my station.

    I would like to have some control over the video bonuses in a similar way to the power of the mayor to control the forthcoming competitions. If i could increase the likelihood of winning rp, tickets or wagons at different times of each era that would add to the strategy of the game and also offset slightly the loss of the extra videos.

  • I agree, I have NEVER gotten an upgrade in the first 14 video's, more like 25 or 30.

  • I agree, I have NEVER gotten an upgrade in the first 14 video's, more like 25 or 30.

    As mentioned before, the blog indicates the daily upgrade is a prize from the bonus video which is the second video. So for those not running a +Account, one ‘should’ get the upgrade after 35 out of their daily limit of 56, though the random number gods can always be against them.

    However, I’ve heard one report from a server that this is active on, that there is a special outline around the first video to indicate that it’s second video has a chance for the upgrade prize. The limit has been adjusted to 250, but this player waits for the outlined video until they secure the daily upgrade, before burning through their daily video limit watching non outlined video, which presumably generates an outline video the next time it’s available for someone else to fish for the upgrade.

  • Incorrect, the upgrade is from the 1st video.

    The upgrade is guaranteed within the first 14 of the first videos.

    If you also get the bonus video and watch it, you may need to watch 27 videos (14+13) to get the upgrade.

  • Incorrect, the upgrade is from the 1st video.

    The upgrade is guaranteed within the first 14 of the first videos.

    If you also get the bonus video and watch it, you may need to watch 27 videos (14+13) to get the upgrade.

    There is a known problem then. Because I also noticed that I almost never get it in the first 14 videos

  • So we have established that you "SHOULD" get your video engine update within
    the first 14 (28) videos.

    I assume that this is a random number generator that determines which # video you get the bonus in.

    Playing in Steam Boiler, currently Era 2 - day 2
    So we have had the opportunity to get 16 bonuses.
    Yet, I have never, ever, received the bonus before the 11th (22nd) video.

    Being a mathematician, this is virtually statistically impossible with a fair algorithm,
    assuming the algorithm is designed for a uniform distribution.

    Can the devs validated the algorithm for fairness/uniform distribution ?

  • The RNG does not determine which video you get the upgrade in, it just calculates the chance which is pretty small. That's why most of the time you get it during the last couple of videos before or at the max.

    If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

  • To confirm the discussion.

    The text says, that you are guaranteed to receive your 1st upgrade within the first 14 bonus videos.
    That means in total 28 videos maximum with a Plus Account.

    If you don´t own a Plus account, you will still receive your 1st upgrade within 14 bonus videos, but the bonus video will appear randomly, which means you can get it in 30 40 or even more videos in total.

  • I maintain that this change is motivated by Travian giving up on spending money to fix a broken system that over the five years since its introduction has proven unfixable and unprofitable.

    I don’t believe the limitations of videos is due to Travian looking after the health of their players. If this was the case, why is there no limitation on the time one can be logged into the game? I know many players who stay up during EG. Is that healthy, no, but certainty is allowed.

    If capping the advantages that a bot can secure is the real objective, then why not give support the tools to identify bot users. I don’t mean to be an armchair developer, but I would guess data can be collected on the time intervals between game events. Find they are always x seconds apart, you have found a bot user. Another thought is to randomly shift the center of the building screen when moving to the next player. I can’t think of a non annoying way to do the same on the widget, but certainly there are things that can be done to counter bots that do not make make legit players collateral damage.

    Developers, time is a competitive edge that can be enhanced with the bonuses provided by videos to keep up with those who spend vast amounts of money. If players are willing to sacrifice their time to watch 30 sec timers count down for a larger collection of bonuses, why restrict their access? A couple of things that I think has been failed to anticipate. How much revenue will be lost because there will be less videos to watch and therefore less discounted lotto tickets to be purchased? If you are taking away the competitive edge of players with time, will those with money spend less in the game because there is less competition?

    I assure you that they will never find a problem in themselves!

    They are just perfect!

    They will kill the game with their own decisions!

    But all the blame will fall on the players who just leave ...

    So ... whatever "correct" decisions they make ...

    The blame for the failure of the game will be only us (the players) 8o