Let's discuss ⚙️ Video engine update

  • Because pollux was not intended to fight "bots", and to what you wrote about profits.

    The alleged bots are not a problem in this game. It's just sand in the eyes.

    As we explained before, there were several reasons for the video limit. One of them was the massive usage of external applications to watch an inhuman amount of videos.

    The Offical word is that, one of the several reasons, was to prevent bots from watching lots of videos.

    My point is bots can still mimic other advantageous tasks and do them more often than a human, so it’s not time for regular Joe players to rejoice about the Pollux update because it killed bots.

    Your point is bots are not a threat to the game.

    SixPT’s point is that there are far greater threats to the game, and warned about being off topic.

    I’m surprised that the page and a half of bot debate between you and I hasn’t been told to be hashed out on another thread. I’ve made my point, so my next post in this thread will be about another aspect of the Pollux update.

  • You are sidetracking the conversation. If you wish to discuss multi accounts, you do it with game support.
    We do not discuss this topic on forum or discord.

    You finally answer after i told you at discord i have no answer from my posts...
    was not so hard was it?

    Even if it is a no answer as you come always with same answer... it's useless to lose time here... sooner or later RN will be history because of you (you=RN)...

    Have a nice summer...

  • Coming back to the Pollux and videos...

    I had been of the opinion that pushing us to watch a pile of videos (typically, at least 20/day on a x2 server with plus account, and more than that with no plus) was a move to increase ad revenue.

    However, after looking into it, the ONLY videos I ever see are for Travian's own games. Since I already play RN and have no interest in any of those shown on the videos, there's no benefit in it for Travian that I can see, except I suppose a small number of new users might see some other game they fancy.

    This being so, I repeat my assertion that the benefit of upgrades to the Pollux is out of proportion to the time used up in getting them. You can't even get the Pollux to max upgrades before endgame, as 5 upgrades are used up in adding the goods for eras 2,3,4,5,6. At full upgrades (or as near as you can get) it's a competent engine but not outstanding.

    I'd be much happier if the guaranteed upgrades came within, say, 8 bonus videos and not 14. I'd also be happier if the era goods were applied automatically, so that by watching videos every day I could actually get the Pollux to max upgrades. It's a minor thing, but unsatisfying, to fall short by just a few.

    Yes, as support pointed out to me at some point, I don't HAVE to watch any videos, nor use the Pollux at all. But then that puts me at a disadvantage compared to other players that do, so I'm kind of unlikely to do that even if it is irritating. The other prizes from bonus videos are not exactly stellar either although of course everything helps in some way. Until the advent of Pollux, I'd already decided that the return for my time from watching videos wasn't something I felt worth doing as a rule.

  • The Pollux Update is designed to push plus account sales to reduce the number of video one has to watch in order to trigger the bonus video.

    I’ve never really understood this because I’ve already been sold on running a plus account all the time, but I guess there is data out there that suggests that there is a lot of revenue to be made by adding another benefit to the plus account.

    While I have seen some rejoice here that Ad Warriors like me can’t watch every video, I haven’t considered how this change has added a chore to the average player in order for them to feel like they are not at even more of a disadvantage.

  • Llewelyn1966

    The purpose of introducing the Pollux locomotive was not to generate immediate profits.

    The aim was to increase the "viewership" of the advertising films.

    As you have noticed yourself, so far these are films advertising TG products.

    In order to attract other advertisers, the most important argument is needed - a large number of recipients of these ads.

    One of the factors taken into account, if not the most important, is the number of movies watched.

    Therefore, you have a minimum of 14 movies per person - bonus movies.

    To see them, you must first watch the movie without a bonus, which is a total of 28 commercials.

    Someone probably figured out that if every player watches 28 movies every day, it will summary give such a "viewership" that it will attract other advertisers and only then will the profits begin.

    Profits for the company, not for the players, because the rewards for bonus movies have been cut so much that, for example, getting a voucher for an immediate bulding is bordering on magic.

    If anyone else is hoping that any change in this game is or will be to the benefit of the players, let them finally get down to earth. Will not be disappointed anymore.

  • ..........

    While I have seen some rejoice here that Ad Warriors like me can’t watch every video, I haven’t considered how this change has added a chore to the average player in order for them to feel like they are not at even more of a disadvantage.

    Yes, it is a chore and I am not sure that the candle is worth the light!

    There may be merit in reducing the number of videos which can be watched, particularly if it reduces cheating using bots, but, I see no merit in a penalty for not watching videos. This feels, to me, like a penalty not a reward situation as, if I choose not to watch I am adversely affected. That makes watching a compulsion not a choice.

    In this world there is nothing softer or thinner than Water.

    But to compel the Hard and Unyielding it has no equal.


  • Which being so, and since creating content costs Travian nothing, why not make the Pollux more appealing? For example, give 3 bonus parts per day within the 14 bonus videos, so it upgrades faster and thus becomes more useful (at present, it's hardly relevant in era 1 at all). If players see they are getting something worthwhile for their efforts, they will be keen to spend the time and effort.

    The other thing they could do is make the actual engine in-game more realistic. That doesn't alter the arguments about time to watch videos, but it has to be said it's comically bad. It's about 2/3 the size it should be, and, despite that it DOES have its tender unlike most of the locomotives, the tender doesn't articulate. Yet we know that they can make articulated locomotive models, because there are some that do - and the passenger trains have tenders, while almost all the goods have none.

    In fact, an overhaul of all the locomotives in the game to make them consistent scale and fitted with tenders where appropriate would improve the visuals of the game a lot for not much dev-time. There's really no excuse for them being so far wrong.

  • It is the coercion aspect of this that I object to.

    Ok, yes, I know. We do not HAVE to watch.

    But, if we do not we give ground to other players by forfeiting an extra engine. There is a subtle difference between choosing to watch a video to gain a perk and having to watch a video to maintain parity with other players. Personally, I do not think it is a good commercial ploy on the part of RN.

    I watch the needed videos, no more than that. And I resent every single second. Strange, because i used to watch a cluster of videos several times per day and it never bothered me!

    In this world there is nothing softer or thinner than Water.

    But to compel the Hard and Unyielding it has no equal.


  • Llewelyn1966

    it would be better if they didn't fix anything in the graphics.

    Remember how many problems there were with the game performance and the performance of their servers after each graphics fix.

    You want to try logging into the game for half a day, and when you somehow merge 5 cities, you'll be kicked out of the game every 5 minutes.

    It's best not to tell them anything about the graphics, because someone of them will think to do it and we players will suffer from it.

    You don't want this. And nobody wants to.