Cylinder Head back online at 14:00 UTC (27.01.2021)

  • Here is the compensation for all players on COM-05

    When you log in to the server, you will get a popup message asking you to accept the following items:

    • Titan - Bonus engine for the current round
    • Super starter package for the next round
    • 300 Gold
    • 24 hours of Plus account

    ❗ Please note that you need to login to the server and accept these items before the endgame is over to receive all the bonuses.

    By accepting the gift, the SSP for the next round will be purchased and the resources and train will be awarded. Should you already have the Titan you will not be getting a second copy. If you had already purchased SSP, you will get your Gold reimbursed.

    We are extremely sorry for the frustration and disappointment this sudden emergency maintenance caused you. Thank you for your patience.

    Your Rail Nation team