Open letter to the RN team and all players! 8th Birthday Edition!

  • Open letter to the RN team and all players! 8th Birthday Edition!

    About 🎉Rail Nation - Bonus code: 8th Birthday Edition! (Funny message to everyone that was deleted)

    It was a funny message with elements of criticism and love. Which shows what the game's message to players this year looks like. Seen from the side!

    Above all, I want to offer my deepest apologies if I have hurt someone's feelings.

    I also want to apologize if I misled anyone that this is an official announcement from the game.

    It was too late to realize that this funny message could be understood in this way. As the topic was locked on the German forum, I was not able to put a warning message that this is not an official announcement from the RN team.

    Please excuse me for all the hurt feelings and confusion!

    Please accept my deepest apologies!

  • That was supposed to be a fun message.

    A fun and creative way to say that this year there is no gift and bonus code for the game's birthday. For the most important day of the year!

    Usually the birthday gifts are 5x, 6x, 7x ...

    There are no prizes this year and that's why the gift for MANY of your players is 8x NOTHING!

    At least it's fun :)

    If we don't get anything we can at least have fun and laugh about it :)

    I also wanted to remind the RN team in a fun way that there are many players who feel forgotten, underappreciated and neglected on the occasion of the most important holiday of the game! And not just on this occasion.

    And so I want help you build a better approach to your players! Without costing you anything.

    What am I talking about?

    Will you allow me to be honest and open?

    If not, please also delete the following lines.

    It was a very difficult year. Filled with many problems and challenges for RN and players.

    And so we celebrated this holiday:

    - Birthday cake

    There are some players for whom this is a really exciting challenge!

    But the only forum event you organized was culinary. Requiring specific culinary skills.

    For these and other reasons, very few of your players can participate in this event.

    You can see this in the impressively small response despite the large advertisement.

    This was not an additional event. This was the central and only event with which the whole celebration began. And it was advertised in every way and on all servers.

    Result: With this event MOST of your players got NOTHING (for the most important RN holiday)!


    This is a wonderful scenario and a wonderful thing.

    There are many players who are happy and will participate!

    But there are many reasons why many of your players will not participate in this event.

    For example, this is too slow server for many of your players. Many of my friends are such a case.

    Оther players do not want to participate in more servers ...

    Due to this and similar reasons, I and many of my friends will not participate in this event.

    Result: With this event MANY of your players got NOTHING (for the most important RN holiday)!

    - 50% more gold

    This is very generous of you. It really is! Because players get a lot more gold for the money they pay.

    But everyone knows that this is more of a reward for you than for the players. This is a good market approach to increase sales and profits. That is why there are similar discounts on holidays.

    In addition, most of your players practically do not buy gold. Because this is a free to participate game!

    Result: With this event MOST of your players got NOTHING (for the most important RN holiday)!


    These 3 events cover the entire celebration of the 8th birthday of the game.

    And don't say that there are other birthday surprises ahead.

    The birthday was now and gone. Everything future will be something else but it will not be a birthday event!

    Unfortunately, the conclusion is the following:

    For the 8th birthday of the game, MANY of your players received NOTHING!

    In other words, in harmony with the previous birthdays and gifts MANY of your players received 8x NOTHING!

    This is the sad truth that we players cannot change.

    We can't change it, but at least we can laugh at it :)

    If you let us laugh!

  • In recent years, along with such great events as OJ, Masters... there has also been a bonus code.

    As you can see, this year's gifts are very different from last year's.

    You make this wonderful game with free participation. And you have every right to decide what to give and what not.

    I deeply respect this right of yours.

    I really love this wonderful game!<3

    I won't be your friend if I don't show you what you look like from the side.

    As your friend, I need to show you why many of your players feel neglected and forgotten.

    I will not be your friend if I do not give you a little feedback with friendly criticism and love<3

    The question is not whether there is something you can give your players.

    The question is whether you want to find something to give to the players.

    Here are some suggestions that won't cost you anything:

    8х Research points

    8x Vouchers for rails

    8x Vouchers for locomotives

    8x Vouchers for wagons

    8x Vouchers for -20% on buildings

    8x Investment vouchers


    There are also some that have a minimum price for you....

    With what you give, you show how valuable the players are to you and how much you value their feelings!

    The past year was also marked by the transition of the game to HTML5.

    A transition that cost a lot of nerves and pain to your players.

    And all you have to give them is a little love, respect and something small that doesn't cost you anything.

    Something small to symbolize your love and attitude! (HTML5 Survivor 2020!)

    For example: You could easily give 100 career points to everyone who heroically endured this transition.

    Everything you can give is better than NOTHING.

    With what you give, you show how valuable the players are to you and how much you value their feelings!

    Think about it.

    As a friend of yours, I'll tell you that you look too tight.

    It's not a good look.

    At these events, you have to buy an image in front of the players.

    You have to win their hearts! <3

    As a friend of yours, I remind you that you need to win this love of your players in order to have many players, a long and happy life and a good income ;)

    All I ask is that you think deeply about these things!

    Please accept my deepest apologies and love!

    With respect and love,


  • Happy Birthday!

    Let's celebrate!

  • If we already want something, let’s wish for something big!

    8000 Gold would be the best birthday gift from RN for the players! :)<3:saint:

    8888 Gold suits better 8o

    :Train: NL01 Stoomketel

    :Train:  NL201 Euromast

    :Train: COM202 Loch Ness *

    :Train: ES201 El Escorial *

    :Train: M1.201 Scandinavia *

    * played my last round at this server, due to

    :thumbdown: RN'S LACK OF DECENT BUG FIXING :thumbdown:

  • I just want to say something about the incident that happened several days ago. Now I promised that I won't rant again about the support staff, games rules, etc, so I will be short and concise. I've only started to be active on the forum about an year ago and even though I didn't knew what's what, I quickly noticed how active is Hear Me Roar on the forum and also discovered how much she has given back to this game and community.

    And while the post itself broke some rules, the idea behind it was sincere, without ill intent, and meant to be sarcastic, but seeing how quick to judge was a player here saying, quote: "this should not go unpunished" makes me sick.

    And the fact that Rail Nation decided to straight up punish instead of a warning all the more proves the bias despite, I repeat, given how much Hear Me Roar gived back to the community, and thus the game.

    Nonetheless, celebrating 8 years of activity with bonus to gold when purchasing is nothing, given that this is something very repetitive throughout the year, so nothing really special. And I don't blame that, maybe Rail Nation doesn't afford to give freebies, that's alright and we shouldn't judge. I for one am a spender in this game since I want to give something back to the company that made this game, and I don't expect something in return in terms of freebies, but I do expect balancing the mechanics, fair game support and a mindset towards progress.

    So maybe what you should have done was a Q&A session.

  • I honestly think that giving freebies wouldn't be a huge loss of money fot RN. At least 8 lottery would give each player a chance to win a good thing, a prem loc of gold (or jackpot), this would be a nice present for anyone. And this would have given to each player the satisfaction to receive a good present or at least "something". But now, this seems to be decided and nothing more won't be done.

  • I received some questions through different channels and in different forms.

    You are urging me to sincere introspection!

    A person's heart is hidden...

    And I understand well that my words and actions can be interpreted in many ways.

    So I want to answer some frequently asked questions.

    Hoping to be a little better understood by all.

    Someone will tell me:


    "You think you are always innocent and right and all others are wrong?"

    Thanks for this important question!

    Am I innocent?

    I am definitely not innocent!

    I am an ordinary wrong person who constantly makes mistakes and learns from them. And then I try not to repeat them :)

    I am deeply convinced that there are no innocent and sinless people.

    We are all ordinary people who make constant mistakes, and the best we can do is try to learn from these mistakes and not repeat them.

    My big problem is that in many cases I do not realize when and how I am wrong.

    Please forgive me for this!

    I am not innocent! In many cases I am wrong!

    I make mistakes all the time and I ask you to point them out to me so that I can learn from them.

    I promise to try to fix myself!


    "All you want is to impose your opinion on everyone!"

    First of all, I want to thank you for openly expressing your opinion.

    That sounds awful! Are you sure about that? These are very heavy words!

    I will never forgive myself if I am such a terrible person!

    The principles I follow are of understanding and tolerance.

    I have an opinion and I express it.

    But I will insist on the right of everyone to have an opinion and to express it, even if I do not agree with that opinion!

    As in this particular case!

    Thank you for expressing your opinion openly!

  • Quote

    "You are only looking for your interest! You just want to have, more and more ..."

    I want to thank you for openly expressing your opinion!

    This sound terrifying.

    Do you read my posts carefully?

    Do you know exactly what I want?

    Are the things I want so horrible?

    If you read carefully my last post on the topic in the forum.

    You will notice that I offer the company to give small things that do not cost anything.

    It costs nothing but love and respect for the players.

    Тhis way you will win the hearts of your players.

    Yes I really want a lot of things.

    Let's see what I want and what the evidence is:

    Feedback Mega Thread

    1) I want to play this wonderful Free2Play game!

    Am I looking for my own interest?

    Yes, definitely!

    I've been playing this game for a long time...

    ...Аnd I want to keep playing it...

    That's why I'm actively reporting errors and problems...

    ...Sometimes I criticize...

    ...I make tools to help players...

    ...I answer in the game forum to help new and old players...

    ...and I'm making suggestions...

    2) I want Free2Play game with good balance! You don't have to turn the whole game into Pay2Win!

    I want a game in which there are various Pay2Win events and opportunities that bring good revenue to the company.

    But at the same time the game provides good entertainment opportunities for its free players.

    Payers should not have an absolute advantage anywhere and in everything!

    Turning the game from Free2Play to Pay2Win is tantamount to suicide. There are many similar examples among the games unfortunately :(

    Free2Play is one of the most successful strategies! I hope you stay Free2Play game!

    So free players have much less than those who pay. But they still have enough to have fun :)

    I have many suggestions in the forum in both directions!

    3) Game without bugs (with much less)

    I often report bugs. And I do everything in my power to help in this direction.

    4) New and smooth messaging system (in the game)

    This is one of the biggest problems in the game.

    I inform you of this. And I give you suggestions for improvement.

    New in-game messaging system!

    Neues Messaging-System im Spiel!

    5) Timely information in the forum about changed rules / formulas in the game

    This is a strategy game.

    And these things are important for building the right strategy!

    That's why I and other players have a lot of inquiries in this regard.

    6) Effective fight against multi-accounts (clones). At least against the obvious!

    This is very annoying and these things drive a lot of players out of the game.

    That's why I have many posts on this topic.

    7) Better conditions for newcomers to the game!

    Now the game is toxic to newcomers.

    And this must be fixed urgently!

    Rail Nation - The Champions!

    8)I want a lively and fun game. Where players come and stay.

    Many of my friends left the game because of these problems.

    Others are preparing to leave ...

    This is very sad :(

    I have many posts and suggestions to help the game.

    I constantly discuss and answer questions related to the game in 4 languages.

    Few ordinary players here in the forum do more than me.

    I read the posts of the players in Discord and Slack.

    And I want to give you feedback.

    To be able to win the hearts, love and money of your players!

    This feedback was intended to help you communicate with the players. To warn you about problems you probably don't realize.

    I just want to warn you and help you!

    The decisions are yours! The consequences of them too!

    I will not be your friend if I do not warn you about the problems I see!

    These are the things I want!

    Are they that bad? Am I such a bad person?

    Aren't these the things we all want?

    I love <3Rail Nation<3,


  • I hate to say this, but, I believe this problem goes far deeper then RN. i play one other casual game and my husband a different game. In both case there has been a huge reduction in freebies in the last few months. More people are playing games than ever before due to current restrictions on socialisation, work and other entertainment. With more players the need to be generous is reduced not increased. ;).

    Corporations, all corporations will always take advantage of current circumstances if they present themselves. It is inevitable. The reduction here is actually less than on the other two games. And, as yet no new game play, which requires spending, has been introduced. I have quit my other game altogether as it is now impossible to play without spending real money, a lot of real money. I spend, small amounts, as and when I feel it will improve my enjoyment, but, i do not take kindly to coercion! X(

    It would be nice, but, let's face it, overly optimistic, if RN were to buck the corporate trend. :)

    Take Care!

    In this world there is nothing softer or thinner than Water.

    But to compel the Hard and Unyielding it has no equal.


  • That sounds very sad :(

    Because so many people have now lost their jobs or have reduced incomes ...

    have physical and mental problems ...

    and just need a little support and entertainment :)

  • I don't remember my first game; but, I've been playing continuously since well before Steam Over Europe or Career engines were introduced. It's a fun game and over the years I've quite enjoyed the celebratory clothing items the game has gifted players on special occasions. Right now my avatar has a birthday cake hat that we received a couple of years ago. Thank you RN.

    While I'm not on the forum often, I've seen many posts by Hear Me Roar over the years. Hear Me Roar has always strived to be a friendly and helpful asset for the game. I don't ever remember a malicious or vitriolic post. Anyone advocating a punitive action be imposed on Hear Me Roar over a post should seriously reconsider whether they're reading the message with the intent the poster meant to convey. Hear Me Roar, keep up your enthusiasm and good luck to you.

  • I cannot agree more with the sentiment of Homer Bedloe. HMR is a massive contributor on this forum and I have observed his love for the game & the time he contributes here. He is, as he says, a human being & not a computer. He also shows his passion for the game in his posts. He has contributed more to my enjoyment of this forum alone than most other players put together.

    I do fully understand that any of us can inadvertently step over the acceptable line without intending to do so. Irony and sarcasm tend to run close to the line & sometimes are misinterpreted.

    The moderators are well within their right to withdraw a comment if it is considered unacceptable & if someone is a repeat offender then I am sure that they will be administered the appropriate punishments.

    Posting that punishment needed to be applied to HMR in this context is akin to the odious practice that footballers had of signalling to the referee that another player requires a red or yellow card - this was outlawed even in football & I agree that it should not happen here. HMR deserves a bit of slack - if you add up the total of his posts (masses) and the number of times he has erred I think it would be a tiny proportion.

    Keep posting HMR - the forum would be a poor place without you!

    Get out of bed - celebrate waking, go to bed - survived another day:thumbsup:

  • More love for Hear Me Roar, thank you for all your efforts making this game more enjoyable for all

    Since this is a thread of weird birthday celebrations, I think it was last year. Come celebrate our birthday on a fixed gold server, you only need to spend $40 US to play. Happy Birthday!

  • Someone will ask me:


    Why do you think Pay2Win is such a big evil?

    Why do I think Pay2Win will be a disaster for this game! What do I offer?

    (Brief analysis of the main problems)

    Dear friends.

    First I want to point out that Pay2Win is not necessarily a bad thing for a game!

    There are many successful games based on this. But ... (there are many here!)

    1) The genre! The genre and the way the game is built does not provide so many willing to pay to be successful such a business strategy! Usually those who want to buy a sense of greatness and joy of victory want it to be much faster. A game in which you have to wait a few months to win is not attractive in this regard.

    Therefore, there will be relatively few willing payers.

    2) The quality of the product! Usually those who want to pay well want to get the necessary high quality! There is definitely no such thing here!

    3) Lack of competition! Even when you pay, it's not interesting to buy easy wins. Easy victories lead to boredom quickly. In order for the victories to be not easy, there must be enough payers. And according to point 1) this is unlikely to happen!

    4) Dead game! No one wants to participate and pay in a dead game. Low-income players make such a game come alive! If they are evicted (significantly reduced) it will expel the payers as well!

    5)The game really needs life! The payers in such a game come and grow among the free players. That's why such a game desperately needs to attract free players and not chase them!


    For these and other reasons, I think that the transition of this game from Free2Play to Pay2Win is suicidal!

    I hope I'm wrong!

    I really love this game. And I really want it success! I hope you know what you're doing ... and that you'll lead the game to success. I hope I'm wrong!

    What do I offer?

    I have filled the forum with ideas and suggestions!

    And I'm not going to repeat myself here.

    But it all starts with product quality!

    Free2Play game with Pay2Win events ...

    Better conditions for newbies!

    And so on...

    The game should boil with life!

    The game should offer different opportunities and entertainment for different incomes.

    And most of all, the business strategy should be for low- and middle-income players!

    Payers will appear only among free players!

    I have many other ideas. Because this is my job ;) And I'm always ready to discuss :)

    I love Rail Nation<3 I sincerely wish you success!

  • I hope it is clear to everyone how disappointed I am in the direction of the game with the massive limitation of a feature that I have made the cornerstone of my game style for over 5 years.

    That being said, HMR you think the game has now become pay2win, I ask, win what? I'll grant that Top Player will be VERY challenging to beat a Wallet Warrior that also has time and/or knowledge, but there are people who relish such challenges and may even meet them.

    I really appreciate that RN has so many elements that a player, of any level, can focus on and get validation from playing. Key among them is EG. After this patch rolls out, EG will remain a game of the biggest, best organized, team should win. A single or a small group of Whales, wont be able to win EG on their own, they will have to join other groups to get those career points.

    Just with EG, and still there are many other ways to have fun and competitive as a group, I think RN has enough to remain alive and healthy. With Wallet Warriors paying the bills, RN will continue to develop and hopefully expand as they have been over the eight years.

    Hang in there. There is so much human love that does exists in RN, you are a shining example of that, that we can all aspire to. Yes this is a competitive game, but more so, RN is a game of community and that remains easy to win regardless of how much money is spent in the game.