Open letter to the RN team and all players! 8th Birthday Edition!

  • Free2Play [F2P] - Right to free participation.

    Pay2Win [P2W] - This is when paying players receive unfair competitive advantages that cannot be achieved with activity.

    This is exactly what most of your players are looking for - fair conditions for participation :)

    If the payers have better conditions, they have to fight for different prizes!

    There must be different groups according to different financial possibilities! So that the game can be fair and fun for everyone 8o

    You probably need to rethink your business model.

    But your model must include good fair conditions for free players.

    Because they are the life of your game. Because those who pay will come from them!

    Your model must include good, fair conditions for ALL players!

    For example:

    Rail Nation - Fair Play Server!

    But by no means forget the high quality of the product!

  • How can RN be made Fair for those who can not "afford" time?

    Thanks for this question!

    This is really a very interesting question ...

    Rail Nation is an e-sport! And fair play here is like any other sport.

    There is a fair game if there is no doping!

    If athletes do not have time to train or compete .... this is a problem of the athletes themselves 8o

  • I have to fully backup this. Don't see time as being a problem. This is an online game, as with everything (as HMR commented), it should be won by time and dedication :D

  • Do you want players to give you money because you need it?

    When you go fishing, what do you do?

    You tell the fish you want to catch it because you want to eat it?

    Or do you put a tasty bait that the fish wants?

    What will sell your game?

    What will attract your customers?

    Dear friends! Please stop and think for a moment!

    Why do players give money for the game?

    What is the practical value of the game?

    Will the game feed the players?

    Will the game give them shelter, work?

    Will the game fix their house, their car?


    There is no other benefit for the players in the game than to satisfy their feelings!

    So if you want to cover your expenses, have salaries and a wonderful prospect ...

    first of all you need to know how to satisfy the feelings of ALL your players!


    Think deeply about these issues!