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    Valentine's day is coming - and love is in the air.

    A few weeks ago, Sam was walking down the aisles of their station. It was snowing outside, and everybody was enjoying the show.

    Sam was looking outside when somebody walked right into them. A mysterious girl. Quickly, she apologized "I am so sorry, I was just staring at the snow outside...". The first thing Sam noticed was her smile - she was really lovely. Sam tried to ask her what her name was, but the speakers announced that the train to Paris was leaving in a few minutes, and she left by saying "This is me, have a nice day!".Ever since, Sam hasn't been able to stop thinking about her. It seems like she travels regularly to Paris, from Sam's train station.

    Truth is, Sam is so into her that they bought a box of Valentine's chocolate in case they see her again, and it seems like Cupid has heard that wish.

    As Sam entered the station today, the first thing they saw was...the mysterious girl. Sam froze for a second, wondering if they should give her the box of chocolates and ask her out. After so much time thinking about her, what if she said no?

    Sam stepped forward, walked in her direction, and said: "I know it's not snowing today, but I couldn't help but notice..."

    Task: finish this love story. Don't forget to mention the box of chocolates!

    Start date/time: February 10th, 2021 - 10:00 GMT+1
    End date/time: February 16th, 2021 - 10:00 GMT+1
    Winners announced on: February 17th, 2021
    Winners chosen: By Rail Nation team jury
    1st place 250 Gold
    2nd and 3rd place 5 Days Plus Account + 5 lottery tickets

    As an extra prize, the player who writes the most creative story will win the February Community Conductor title and have their name engraved on the Community Conductor Trophy. For more details on the Community Conductor Trophy, take a look at the forum post.


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  • When you walked on me, I saw stars flying around me. I tried to catch one of them, but they were going too fast. So I told myself maybe with that Box of Chocolates, one of them will slow down a second, and I'll be able to star at you!

  • how much you brighten up the station with your infectious smile and joie de vivre.It makes my heart soar and my soul cringes, being a 75-year-old train conductor knowing that my time has passed.

    I can only imagine how many men's heart's you break in a day, but ever since I saw you and if time travel we're possible I'd pick no other destination than here today but unfortunately time stands still for no-one and life is only lived once with that being said I have brought you a box of chocolates as my gift to you on this Valentine's Day may you get all you deserve on this day and on every day forevermore.

    Good Day, My Dear, I have a train to board and trains wait for no-man so,

    "All aboard !! Next stop the rest of your life.....may it be a blessed one."

  • ". . . how lovely you look with your cheeks flushed from the cold. There are little flecks of snow in your silky dark hair, on your eyelashes and in the fur of your pink parka. You remind me of a Snow Princess."

    "Ever since I saw you last week I have been watching for your return and hoping that you would be willing to sit on a bench and share some of this box of chocolate but I don't even know your name."

    She smiled and said "My birthday is February 14th. so my mother named me 'Val' which is short for . . " "Valentine" I blurted out. She flashed her dazzling smile at me as we sat on the bench that day and then reached into the heart shaped box of chocolates. Slowly she searched the box for the perfect piece of chocolate finally settling on a 'kiss'.

    After delicately unwrapping the piece of chocolate, she held it to my lips offering me a bite. I nipped off a piece and smiled at her. She returned my smile and slowly placed the other half between her full lips. It was only then that I realized that the piece of candy we had shared was our first kiss. My heart swelled with the thought of many more kisses to come.

    We sat on the bench that day and talked for hours learning about each other. After forty blissful years of marriage Valentine, now my wife, and I return to that same train station and sit on that same bench recalling memories as we share our traditional box of chocolates.

    This year we are planning to finally take the train to Paris together.

  • down the aisle of their station?

    does Sam own the station is it his station, no he works at the station...their is a possessive word

    It is tricky English this word in particular 3 distinct different uses refer to...

    There Their and They're Merriam Webster Dictionary

    so into her that they bought a box ...

    Sam is but one person, solo, all alone by himself therefore it's a singular pronoun

    so into her that "he" bought a box

    You did the same thing multiple times in your saga next time have an English speaking person proofread your work. I'd have to give you a failing grade on your assignment D no better 45% sorry life is not fair :saint:

  • How lovely you looked today, I haven't been able to stop thinking about since the other day when we ran into each other. I know Valentine's day is coming up so I brought you a box of chocolates and was wondering if you would go out with me tonight.

  • Sam stepped forward, walked in her direction, and said: "I know it's not snowing today, but I couldn't help but notice your lovely smile. The last time we met you almost knocked me over. "

    "Oh, I remember you." She smiled, "I did apologize", she said shyly.

    Encouraged Sam continued. "Yes you did apologize, very nicely too. I didn't get your name last time, the station was quite noisy and you had to rush off. Would you , um, consider a cup of coffee in the lounge and these chocolates I bought? That is if you have the time? My name is Sam, by the way." Sam could feel his cheeks getting flush and his heart beating with hope he hadn't come on too boldly.

    She looked at the station clock, just enough time. He seems like a sweet man. Then she said, "I would love to Sam, my train isn't for another 55 minutes. I'm called Merry, by the way, please to meet you." Merry, that's a pretty name", Sam replied.

    Sam felt relief as she accepted the box of chocolates and took the arm he offered as they turned to go through the station doorway. Sam thought to himself, Perhaps this will be a Valentine's Day to remember for a life time.

    Wingnutz US101 Golden Gate

  • Then he continued:

    "Hi, dear lady! Sam is my name. And yours?"

    "Hi, Sam. I am Barbi" and she shook hands with the man. She smiled as much as when she first saw him.

    "A few weeks ago, I walked here and I was admiring the outdoors when we accidentally reached each other. Do you remember?"

    "Yes I remember."

    "You have so much enchanting me with your wonderful smile that I've been thinking about you since then."

    "You like me too, dear Sam," said the mysterious girl smiling.

    "I'm very pleased. Be happy, accept from me as a gift this love chocolate. Today it is Valentine's Day" and handed over the red heart shaped boxed chocolate with white ribbon.

    "Sour cherry praline?! Oh that's my favorite! But how did you find out?"

    "I love this too."

    "Thank you so much, Sam," she accepted the gift. Then suddenly kissed the man. "I'm looking forward to tasting it!" And then released the ribbon, removed the top of the chocolate box. "Oh, that's wonderful!" she shouted as soon as she saw the stuffed chocolate pieces. First she received a hearty and gently inserted one too in the man's mouth. "Heavenly!" she screamed again and she closed his two beautiful eyes in his pleasure to pay attention to the flavors. Then she opened his eyes and this time she got a steam engine chocolate. Then she did the same too in the man's mouth. She closed his eyes again, enjoying the gourmet. "Hmmm," she said gladly. "Do you delicate the chocolate, Sam?"

    "Yes, very tasty!"

    "I am thankful!" she said, then kissed the man again.

    "You are very welcome, at any time," he replied as he admired in the eyes of a girl dressed in the red. "Will we go out to walk?"

    "Of course, let's go as long as my train starts."

    They quit the train station building. Slowly began to snow. Tiny, white, clean snowflakes departed from the sky. Firstly, rarely, and then becoming more and more dense. The two young people took each other's hands like lovers.

    With love and admiration they enjoyed the show. The mysterious girl in his left hand was holding the box that hidden the hearty and steam-shaped delicious love chocolate...

    Lacidd23, COMM4301 Black Forest :)<3:saint:

    P.S. Sorry for my English. At school I did not learn this language, just Russian and French besides Hungarian and Romanian. And with the translate softwares, I'm trying to get on how I can better...

  • J’ai remarqué ... Le joli dessin que tu m’as dessiné dans un champ, à l’est d’Argentant, dans le triangle de l’amour, entre chaussures, casseroles et hamburgers. Ne seraient-ce pas là 3 biens qui motivent à prendre ensemble un appartement ? Et comme diraient les médias « L’Amour est dans le pré ».

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