Era Change Issues

  • This has been going on for a while. It seems that every time an Era changes that the screen will go blank (no controls, no trains, no Corp Icons). I've tried refresh, I've tried continue playing, I've tried more information. It seems it doesn't matter what I try the results are the same.

    About the only thing that has worked in the past is to just wait offline a few hours.

    That is not a good recipe for keeping people playing.

    Please fix this as soon as possible. I know it happens on the other server I play on and have seen comments on here from other servers so I believe that it is a system wide issue.

  • Me too.

    There are many complaints about this problem.

  • HA my whole association was banned, Cannot play any more. Ban us, then you have to ban half of the players. Some don,t even hide that they have 4 players. They all look the same and even call them 1234.