Official Rail Nation Discord coming soon!

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    Dear players,

    We are happy to announce that we will soon be launching the official Rail Nation Discord! It will be publicly available from 15th February and the invitation link will be posted on the forums, Facebook, the blog, and via an in-game message. So there's plenty of ways for you to join us and start your conversations!

    What will the Discord server be used for?

    We want to be more closely connected with you, the players. We want to hear your voices, suggestions, and ideas. We also want to communicate better with you, provide updates, show you our plans and provide the details of our work on Rail Nation.

    But that's not all! We have so much planned for 2021 that we can't wait to share with you. Giveaways, new media content, community events and awards! All of this will be part of the Discord server and we don't want you to miss out!

    What can I expect from the Discord server?

    • Forums - Firstly, we'd like to make it very clear: Discord will not replace the forums. We will continue to link our activities on the forums as well and, provided there's a demand for the forums, we have no intention of removing them. So if you don't feel comfortable with joining the Discord server, you don't need to. You can still find the majority of what we're going to offer on the forums too.

      However, on occasion, some features and content will be exclusive to the Discord server such as some giveaways, voice channels and community activities.
    • Languages - As with most new Discord servers, our focus will be on communicating in English. Our announcements, updates and events will be in English, along with any communications we make to the community. However, we completely acknowledge that some of our most dedicated players do not speak English as their first language and this might be difficult for them. We want those players to know we're thinking of you and already have plans to adapt the Discord server to the community's needs as and when required. So, provided there's enough demand for a certain region to have additional support, we can adapt the Discord server to accommodate those players. This could mean that in time there will be regional channels dedicated to those players who speak a specific language.

      The community management team will keep an eye on this situation and implement the changes if needed.
    • Support - The Discord server will be hosted by community management and other members of the Rail Nation customer team. However, when it comes to supporting you with your queries, there will be a number of features available in the Discord server. There will be an FAQ section, changelogs and a help channel; all of which are intended to give you access to information to help resolve your issues. Yet it's very important that we ensure all non-resolvable issues continue to be reported using the ticket system. The community managers and support team will be on hand periodically to offer support and guide you to the relevant information, but if they aren't available or your issue can't be resolved, please submit a ticket.
    • Community promotion - There will be a number of channels dedicated to promoting the efforts of the incredibly knowledgeable, creative and expressive members of the community. Here you can showcase your streams, ideas, tutorials, video content and anything you think the community will love. We'll be keeping an eye on what you have to offer and if we see anything that is a big help to the players, we'll help promote it. We also intend to give you a better platform to voice your suggestions for Rail Nation. There will be a channel dedicated to your suggestions and from there we can potentially take your ideas to the Rail Nation team. However, please remember that not all of your suggestions will receive a response or be forwarded to the Rail Nation team. We'll adapt this process over time to better manage your suggestions, depending on how many and how often we receive them.

    The future of Rail Nation communications

    In the future, we are going to improve how, when and where we communicate with you. Our goal is to be more regular with our communications and provide details to you in a more understandable format and across multiple platforms. In order to do this, we have a lot of exciting plans for new media that we look forward to sharing with you. Once we are ready to announce more details about these plans, we'll let you all know on the forum and in Discord.

    We also want to improve our communication with new players and those looking for guidance on how to play the game. We hope that the continuing community discussion in the Discord server will naturally put new players in contact with some of our most experienced players who could offer some tips, but we also have plans of our own to help in this regard. Again, once we have more information on this, we'll make sure to keep you informed.

    Finally, the Discord server has been created for you, the Rail Nation community. It's mainly intended as a tool for you all to become better connected to fellow players who love the game just as much as you do. It's down to you all to help shape the Discord server as you see fit by using it, engaging with each other and letting the community managers know what you want adding or changing.

    The Discord server will be live very soon and we are all looking forward to getting better connected and sharing all the plans we have for the future!

    See you there,

    Your Rail Nation team