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  • Hey Forum

    I read a lot of thread on “Pay to win” but always with a little smile on my face who is stupid enough to spend ton of real lift money to destroy a game ??

    Ok I been treat a lesson we on Loch Ness, region North got a true lesson from (no name mentioned, but he is nr 1 on RN ranking)

    He’s station Era 2 day 4 – fun for rest of the players hmmmmmmm

    he is taking over one man alone city by city because we don’t want to accept twin city so he could spoil our game, so he just will give us a lesson (I got more money than you so I decide) ----- hmm first time I see this and I played for many years but I can only say to RN if this is allowed I will stop asap as player and I am pretty sure many will follow, so one man with a golden credit card can spoil a hole round for 600 players + no way I really hope you guys in RN will look into this and find a way that bring money to U and bring a kind of fairness to the game (btw I spend a lot of Real life money on this game but only to support on game not to spoil for others.

    This is a serious thread to this game hope you will look into it and take some kind off action, if not you will loose at lot of players going forward. This way of printing money is not very good for the game in the long or short run.

    If this is against game rules pls let us know how to report it (We are many just wait for an answer) thx in advance

    If you want more information pls reach out to me

    Cheers Rype

  • I guess some think it is fun to be a one man army destroying the game for the teamplayers, who as individuels pay less, but over all a lot more than him.

    I hope RN will look into this. I don’t want to loose my teammates due to this kind of gameplay.

    Cheers Nanoks

  • It is very sad to see one player destroying everything because of money. I have also payed and got my first server win last round, but I know how to behave and could never even think of doing what is being done now.

    Every mayor and city counciller were spammed to get twincity and when we didn't wanted to do that, the terror began.

    If this keeps on I will simply quit the server for this round.

    Cheers Stigaard

  • Hey again

    Now it even get better i was banned ingame for my previous message as i also posted ingame (Never do that)

    I never understand it, i was banned but i don't understand why my ban start and end at same time,

    Seriously Rail Nation is this a way to treat people who raise a concern ???? Ban them Hmm

    I would really like a official from Rail Nation to comment this, how can you allow one player to destroy a game for more than 600 people just because he buy more gold as a person than we do - problem here is you wil loose another server where only 200 or 300 play - i really don't think that generate income to Rail Nation, so why protect the people who destroy it, why not protect your customers , this issue has been rasied multible times here in forum last month, both with this issue, doubble account, bots and put more issue in here.

    I have a feeling that you Rail Nation don't take us serious, you just keep hiding behind persona data protection, i think you will need some new lawyers to help you understand this issue, because right now you for sure not read the law same way other company does.

    In hope of an serious answer

    Have a nice day

    Cheers Rype

  • i got the same banned for asking a question wtf Rn only cares about the A holes who throw a load of money into their game and they go around destroying others games. I don't mind people paying but going around destroying others game play is pathetic. I've met some who play with their hard earned cash and still worked as a team but never met anyone until now that has all the station maxed out on day 4 era 2, for some reason it won't let me report him for ruining my game play, yet asking a question is ruining his game play

  • I can only support Rype's comments. Been playing RN since the beginning. The 'big Credit Card' players ruin the game for 99.9 % of the other players who come to play and enjoy. This takes the fun out of RN. Suggest to reduce the number of tickets to buy in 24 hrs. from 500 to 100. This will be my last round in RN after 6 years +. It is such a shame !

  • Rype, I feel your pain.

    First its a mistake to think he is a one man wrecking crew. Yes he and his credit card are the ball, but attached are several links of other players who join just to vote Pres and Mayor then set policies that support the group. For some of their names, just look at the replies in this thread. So keep your region over populated so the buddies can't come in an set themselves up for Mayor and set those twin cities themselves. BTW, this tactic is completely within the rules.

    Is this guy ruining the game? Certainly players have been run off because of this group's tactics, but it's a competitive game, and yes it does have a large pay2win component to it, Time and Knowledge are wonderful equalizers. I know some who relish taking on these types of players. For the ugly side of the game, there is nothing that can be done to stop a player from hauling. The only thing that can be done is to know what your opponent wants and take that away from them.

    At the end of the round, the true winners will be those who have had the most fun and money can't buy an EG win. Rejoice that the NW has a strong TEAM and Loch Ness has three competing regions for EG.

  • I think this post has at least 3 issues, at least this is how I saw it.

    1. The most obvious one is how this game is so pay-to-win. We've been discussing this in a separate thread and honestly it's good that now we can talk it here, but it's bad that it's also mixed with other issues as well, ones that I will explain down below. And while this is the most obvious one here (hence the thread name), for the majority of the players on a server this isn't a big thing. Because the majority of the players play this game for fun, to relax in a slow paced game (perhaps), build a city, compete with other cities, maintain relationships, etc, and don't care much of who is sitting on the 1st spot.

    2. And now we dive into the second most obvious issue, and that's how a player (gold spender or not) can completely ruin the fun for other players, and to me this is THE BIGGER ISSUE here, but I'm not the one reporting it so that's why I am putting it on 2nd spot. But this is something that arguably affects more than that of a gold spender because it affects THE MAJORITY of the players, whereas a gold spender only affects the 1% who wants to win but cannot afford investing too much money.

    3. But the third issue, which I admit is more rare, is how Rail Nation choses to look at things and how it choses to treat players that find themselves in such a case. More often than not players will try to communicate, cooperate, seek a solution to such quarrels but ultimately, if confronted with stubbornness and ill-intent, they inevitably resort to angry messages and maybe even some in-game action threats (such as: "I'll put your team to rival status, I will also invest in your industries, bla bla" and maybe even slip a "you're an idiot" here and there).

    But can you blame such players, and more importantly punish them, for feeling frustrated, weak and undefended against the unlimited resources or determination of another player? Because to me a player can harass other players, teams and even cities without having gold, and that's really not fair. Especially when you try to put words like: "fair play" and "netiquette" and "questionable actions" in the Game Rules but don't really enforce them in any way, except maybe towards the "David" in a "David vs. Goliath" scenario.

    I'd really like to know why a player is allowed to deliberately harass other players AND what does Rail Nation think about a player with unlimited resources taking over ALL majorities in a city, because of spite.

  • All games can be FreeToPlay and PayToPlay.

    Be happy that you can play for free this game due to the availability of sufficient donation

    Are there not enough servers where there is no MdGudvin?

    Why do you produce similar topics on the forum?

    We are all very grateful to those who financially support the game.

    And we will always be grateful!

    But here the question is about the ethics of the game.

    You understand that if many players leave the game because they are affected by the behavior of the strong ... it will be the collapse of the whole game.

    The greatness of the strong is seen in their attitude towards the weak!

  • it's not the paying but the behaviour which comes with it. The mastercard players come with a very wrong attitude, that's needs to be handled first in the correct way by Rail Nation support and not punish the honest ones like it is done now way to often.


    Work for a cause

    Not for applause

    Live life to express

    Not to impress

  • I'd really like to know why a player is allowed to deliberately harass other players AND what does Rail Nation think about a player with unlimited resources taking over ALL majorities in a city, because of spite.

    IMHO, pointless having a thread called "Pay to Win" and totally pointless this phrase. When was the last time you have seen moderators replying to these questions? We are still waiting to know if servers will not crash next saturday and you worried about hard modifications to the game.

    I just ask this, have you seen the last update, about the new rollout feature in fast forward, that will be explored for other servers? If that isn't chasing the Money Bunny down the hole and make the game even more Pay to Win, i'm an idiot and haven't understood what RN is trying to do.

    I read a lot of thread on “Pay to win” but always with a little smile on my face who is stupid enough to spend ton of real lift money to destroy a game ??

    Rype, i think his train station is like that since the end of era 1 (don't play that server, but that was talked by other players that play that server). I think we are all familiar with that player ;) and he is not the only one

  • Can't blame me for keep asking, haha. And yes, I've seen the 4x card system and already tackled it on Discord. Like I said, there's one thing to gain an advantage with gold, which is a problem, and there's another thing to use that advantage to completely ruin the game experience of others. These are two separate issues and players have a problem with one or the other, very few have a problem with both but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be taken into consideration.