Done it again.

  • login after maintenance... well that was an experience.. but wait then era change... so yet again I ask what was this maintenance.. Tower Bridge Com server is now just about unplayable, lag is beyond a joke, i keep getting booted off.

    Not checked the "buy gold " but bet it is working fine.

    starting to think this way.

    update = yep buy gold working fine

    maintenance = yep buy gold working fine.

    new servers, new features keep being added but yet the old ones are still not working. If this was me running a business I would be bankrupt and homeless by now.

    Patience is a virtue which is a work in progress.;)

  • while your devs seem to be able to program money-grabbing nonsense like video engines and overpowered pay2win bonusses, how about you go start fixing your database bugs, so for example schedules/trains/other things don't vanish over and over again? (that bug has been reported months ago, with the friendly information that it'll be fixed between now and the colonization of mars)

    you expect people to pay - what should i pay for? you're not delivering a proper game to begin with (his is at the state of a tech-alpha currently), so there's nothing which money can be paid for.

  • (that bug has been reported months ago, with the friendly information that it'll be fixed between now and the colonization of mars)

    The mars rover just landed.. so that might be sooner then you think :saint:;)

  • Bug hunting is a complicated process.
    We understand that player satisfaction is closely tied to the number and severity of bugs they experience while playing.
    To help us resolve most of these critical problems, we need feedback from players in a proper way.
    Forum threads are good to let us know about your opinion, but for any bugs, we need you to raise a support ticket at the affected game world and provide details of the bugs.
    This way we can start the process of recording the existence of a bug and finding its cause.
    Please, if you experience bugs, even though they might be already reported, raise a ticket.
    Thank you for your feedback.

  • why are there the PTR servers? These servers are now used to play the normal game by several people and not doing proper testing and bug finding. Not just everybody should allowed to play there.

    Just as example there is lot of wrong text in the game, this is so easy to find on the PTR games or even it should be found before it goes to PTR.

    just look at this example, it's in Dutch but everybody can see the mistake; The same route is called NorthEast-North and North-NorthEast. These stupid mistakes shouldn't excist in live servers. And when you send in a ticket nothing is done with it. It's the simplest thing to correct. And so are many more.


    Work for a cause

    Not for applause

    Live life to express

    Not to impress

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