Discrod Quiz! Join at 7.3. 2021

  • Hello everyone!

    We hope that by now you have already snooped around on our official Discord server. It's a place where you can get to know players all over the world!

    We are very happy with the launch and the progression so far, that we want to celebrate it with you. On Sunday, March 7th 19:00 utc +1 we will host our first Discord quiz!8)

    If you have not yet joined our Discord server you can do so by pressing here

    :!:Important Informations:!:

    The quiz will be held in English

    The quiz will consist 15 multiple choice questions

    For every question you receive 45 sec. to answer please note: answering the questions faster will give you more points

    :!:Prizes: :!:

    1st place: 250 gold

    2nd place: 100 gold

    3rd place: 50 gold

    4th-10: 5 lottery tickets

    Hope to see you all there!:thumbsup:

    Your Rail Nation Team,