Points for flipping cities on Golden gate

  • Hello and sorry for my english. Does anybody knows if there is a table or a scheme that explains how many points i will obtain by flipping a city? The obtained points are shared among players faction or it is a standard number obtained by each player of the faction? Thank you in advance and have a nice day

  • Ok, thank you. I formulate a probable simulation Day 1. Denver is red but we want to flip it, the red transports have 10% bonus because it's a red city, blue transports have no bonus. Day 2. We conquer Denver turning blue, we get 50% bonus on transports in Denver, the red points have no bonus. Day 3. We keep Denver so the city stays blue and is not flipped, all our transport in Denver have the 10% bonus, reds transports have no bonus. Is it correct? Thank you

  • I´m not sure you got it all right with your formulation. Also I´m still not sure I get it right, so maybe this serves us both. I´m assuming you are blue.


    You haul required goods to a red city lvl 10. This city is giving the red faction 100 points towards faction score (10*level). You need to deliver at least 1 ton more than reds. Deliveries count from Monday 1:00 am till Thuesday 1:00 am (time can vary i think).

    City leveled up to 11, reds were awarded 10 perma points towards faction score (1 point per city level before level up), these points can never be lost. Reds are also awarded 10 points for city level (100 -> 110; 10*city level), these points can be lost.


    At 1:00 am the city will be the colour, whatever faction delivered more the previous day. Assuming blues managed to flip it. Blue faction (every blue player) gets a flat 50% bonus towards prestige points for all deliveries to all cities (no matter what colour). Everyone gets a 10% bonus towards prestige points for hauling to cities with their respective colour - reds for red cities and vice versa.

    For capturing the city blues get 110 points towards faction score (10*city level) and reds lose 110 points. These points can be lost, if reds recapture the city.

    City is again leveled up to level 12 and blues get 11 points towards faction score, which again can never be lost. Blues also get another 10 points, which can be lost (110 -> 120, 10*city level)


    At 1:00 am the city is flipped back to red. Reds get +50% towards prestige points. Reds also get 120 points towards faction score for city level blues lose those 120 points for city level.

    So the aftermath of this flip and flip back is:

    Reds get 120 points, that can be lost again, 20 more the before level ups.

    Reds get 10 perma points for leveling from 10 to 11.

    Blues get 11 perma points for leveling from 11 to 12.

    Both factions got +50% towards prestige points for deliveries. This bonus is awarded for every flipped city - 2 cities = +2*50%, 3 cities = +150% etc.

    My question here - if I´m red and I managed to get 1000 prestige points for hauling to red cities and 500 prestige points for hauling to blue cities - do I get 10% bonus out of1000 points or out of 1500 points? I suppose 1,1*1000 + 500 = 1600 points makes sense the most, but I´m not sure.

    Hopefully someone can confirm this, so that my curiosity is satisfied. I also hope that some in-game explanation were a lot more thorough, but its not a very pressing issue for me.