Rail Nation Team: Our Plans For Community Lead Bugfixes

  • Dear Players,

    Over the months we have been listening and noting all the bugs the community has discovered and reported. It is our intention to address these bugs within the timeframes and limitations we face internally. So please rest assured, we do hear your concerns and we are working to resolve them.

    As part of our plans to more effectively prioritise and target the bugs most urgent to you as players, we are currently making plans to organise regular and direct community workshops between key community ambassadors and members of the Rail Nation development team. The idea behind these workshops is to enable the community to highlight and discuss the most important issues you are facing and have an open discussion with the people who can give you answers and guidance as to what limitations and constraints we might be facing. The hope is that between the two groups, a better understanding of the topics and a potential resolution can be made.

    The workshops will be structured in two parts.

    1. The community will be asked to vote on a selection of known bugs, to determine which are the highest priority.
    2. A selected group of 5-10 community ambassadors will be invited to a monthly meeting with members of the Rail Nation development team, to discuss those bugs and determine why it is a priority, what issues the community faces and what limitations or potential resolutions can be made.

    It is important to remember that these workshops are not a guarantee of resolution instantaneously. Bug resolution still takes time and needs to follow a process internally to ensure we are testing and assessing any fixes we add to the game to avoid causing new issues. Though these workshops will help improve our communication and understanding overall from you, the community. This alone is very important to us and extremely beneficial in directing our focus in a way that makes the game more enjoyable for you all.

    More details will follow soon.
    Thank you for your continued patience
    Your Rail Nation Team