Pre-registration on SoE

  • Pre-registration has been an issue a lot of times, and this is especially common in SoE.

    For those, who do not know, this is how it works :

    -once EG starts you can pre-register for the next round in a city of your choice, provided it's not overcrowded.

    -pre-registered players stay in the same association, which effectively bumps asso's HQ for next round.

    -association members have reserved spots in the city, in which their "seed" is - even if it's overcrowded.

    -here comes the absurd : the seed is given to the FIRST pre-registered player, no matter newbie or chair, and can only be passed to the next if the player withdraws registration.

    The last part means that 1 action of one random player, which doesn't even know what the consequences are, can destroy the tactics of a whole team of associations for the whole next round.

    The round on Big Ben just finished, our region won, so did our association. And I was proud to be the President of the region.

    But it turned out I cannot pre-register in the region at all - let alone in the city we targeted. So does half of the guild, a guild which is winning the server for countless rounds now. And this is just because the seed went to a person, who simply pre-registered outside the region and logged off, and there is no way to move it. Needless to say I asked support to move the seed, needless to say the answer was negative.

    How careless and irresponsible designers have to be to keep this obvious absurd for so long? I'm pretty sure countless tickets were sent to support, yet 5 lines of code needed were never added : simply check if current pre-registering player is higher ranked than the seed holder, if yes - pass the seed.

    How many successful teams will have to disband before someone makes the 1min effort to open a task in the bug-tracker?

    How many pointless visual effects will be changed before even a line of explanation how pre-registration works is added to it's panel?

    How many useless communication channels are going to be open, hitting the same first line of support with limited access and rights, before adding second line, where you can escalate urgent and important issues?

  • Overcrowding effects just cities for most scenarios, but in SOE it effects regions. However there is a solution when a group of associations wish to stick together.

    Overcrowding is designed to balance the populations between the ten regions, so if your target region is overcrowded, choose a different region and that regions pop will increase to your associations size. As other associations are forced to do the same, all ten regions will get comparable pops and the desired region will become available to be selected by another member of your association, then the first player withdraws, and the entire association can pre reg in the desired region.

    It can take sometime to pull off getting your team of five full associations into a region, but it can be done. While overcrowding is annoying, it does promote competition for top region instead of EASILY allowing everyone to select the winning region from the previous round.

    Good Luck

  • I understand that your situation is more complicated as someone in your own association has effectively sabotaged the selection. Will that player log in during EG to remove their first pre reg? I hope so, if not then given the current game settings, which I can understand are very frustrating, the only solution next time is for the association leaders to communicate up front, pre reg is very important and everyone should wait until the chair posts “all clear, go pre reg” for the membership.

  • It's also totally absurd that members get a free spot only in one city. We usually play in at least 2 cities but we are forced to start every time in a single city and then move to the other which is not very good, strategically speaking.

    If the system (which is vey bad by itself) was made to try to balance the regions.. what's the problem is a player starts in a city or another.. if it's the same region???

  • Considering the fact you can not dismiss members after EG has begun, it can be even possible to sabotage associations by just managing to be part of one and try to be the first one to pre-register.

    This should not be possible whether intentional or not and has simple fix as Gambei suggested.
    It seed should always be where the leader is, or in his absence the depuities. But first and foremost the leader.
    It should never be let to be on a first come first serve basis as this opens doors for abuse and griefing.

    @jvoodoochild I understand your point when we're talking about association level decision, that if there is no space for an association, then they could maybe go in and fill another region, but this should still be decided by the leader, and not by order of signups.

    And I agree with the poster before me, that the reservation for SoE should ideally be region reservation and not city reservation.

  • Alternatively the region/city reservation should be a totally seperate option that is visible only to assocation leaders and, when a leader selects a city/region then, all members get notified that the leader has selected this region for the next round and have a reserved spot in that city/region.

  • We have experienced that in the last 3 rounds on Tower Bridge.
    First time we were not able to register for a city
    only to find out after the round started that the city was vacant.

    And yes, we have also experienced some random player pre-registering for a city that was not optimal for the association and then logging off and never coming back.

  • Start of the round, first hour:

    Region Players
    West 7
    North-West 14
    South-West 18
    North-East 9
    North 51
    South-East 12
    South-Southeast 12
    Central 11
    South 16
    East 8

    Our team can't Pre-Register in South-East due to overcrowding issues...

    It think only The Mighty is behind this Pre-Registration algorithm.

  • In Oslo we have 2 association one with 25 members and one with 14.

    In Stockholm we have 16 members slot association.

    In Gothenburg we have 22 members slot association.

    In Helsinki we have 22 members slot association.

    There aren’t new associations in North region. All this guys is clear that was pre-registered there.

    Numbers of players is still at big difference in North after 3.5 hours from the start.























  • 20 hours after server start
    Region Players
    West 48
    North-West 49
    South-West 59
    North-East 49
    North 83
    South-East 56
    South-Southeast 52
    Central 49
    South 52
    East 42

    - in North Copenhagen have 0 players... all players are in the other 4 cities

  • 28 hours after start
    Region Players
    West 53
    North-West 58
    South-West 69
    North-East 56
    North 85
    South-East 65
    South-Southeast 59
    Central 59
    South 61
    East 47

    Looking at this data I think that in North was pre-registered around 60 players and all other regions had a 30 players cap.

  • I think it's safe to say that the SE was victim of unfair tactics, someone purposefully registering new multi accounts, just so that we can not pre-register normally.

    I think that this needs to be investigated by the RN staff and the purpetrator needs to lose his main account. This is no accident!
    Too bad I didn't think to check this on hour 1, but the screenshot clearly shows 10s of new accounts that have not started playing but are listed in the city. And unless there is some instant influx of 30 players just happening to be starting in this exact moment, this is obviously a sabotage from rival or envious association player(s).

    I think its obvious these are accounts that were added to the region in the end game with the sole purpose of taking up pre-registration slots, and possibly also to add tonnage in the end game race by being considered active players (I haven't checked that part so this is just speculation but highly plausible one, since we had by far double of the amount of people connected to the EG city last round, than any other EG city in the entire round)

  • Good work on the investigation and gathering proof. We have witnesses from within these associations that shared that this is what rival associations were secretly doing. Good job bringing this into the open.

    I want to add that the Chair of an association should be able to set permissions for its members as to whether they can determine which city is being reserved for End Game. It should not be possible for any player in the association to be able to make this determination.

    Just to add one more thing. Looking at the 7 level one accounts in Istanbul and the 4 level one accounts in Chisinau on Big Ben it is clear that someone is manipulating the system. The only fix is to remove these accounts and then ban whoever is making them.