Pop-ups and preferences

  • Hi there,

    Just to let you know that I would appreciate if you could arrange in a future upgrade the following suggestions:

    1. Regularly, when I have the train service window open, the "personal offer for you" pop up appears, closing the service window at the same time. I do not mind the pop up as such, but please leave other windows open. Thanks!
    2. It would be nice if, when registering for the next game during the EG, you would not only offer the choice of home city and/or to stay in the association, you would also keep the settings (sound, chat etc.). Thanks as well!
  • sound and display settings, pop-ups enable/disable option

    often do the pop-ups appear on moments they are very disrupting, like timing a competiton, during a worker bid etc


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  • That horrible one which pops out if you have the audacity to service a single engine instead of doing a full fleet service!! Can't the AI figure out that you already have 40 + hours of plus account available! Why would anyone want to purchase another 7 days? The dear little red kite just needs more servicing than the rest of the fleet. If you must get pushy over promoting cash purchases then, make it relevant. Perhaps an upgrade to the kite, if offered at a discount, would be of interest.

    And, while on the subject- if you must keep popping up personal offers why not make the bonus something other than 7 days of plus account. I don't need any plus account, but I might be tempted to take up an offer with a free bonus engine or primus. Or, better still, a bundle with a tempting number of free lottery tickets.

    Tempt me - don't annoy me! I never purchase anything when I am irritated.

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