Spring event 2: Spot the differences! 🔍

  • Spot the differences!

    Hmmm... What do we have here? 🔍

    Are these two images different, or are your eyes playing tricks on you? Have you stared too long at the beautiful spring landscapes?

    No, you're right. They are different...

    Find all the differences and you might be rewarded!

    If you're the first player to post the answer with all 20 differences in this thread, then you will get a super-prize! See details below.

    General contest information

    Start date and time

    22.03.2021, at 14:00 CET

    End date and time

    09.04.2021, at 14:00 CET

    What do you have to do?

    Find all 20 differences between the two images above (or as many as you can)

    Winners and Prizes

    3 categories of prizes

    🥇 1st place: 1 winner per community.

    - The first player that submits the correct and complete answer to the event in each community (all 20 differences).

    Prize: 200 gold, 10 lottery tickets, and 1 real RN goodie bag! 🎉

    🥈 2nd place: 6 number of winners per community, selected at random between all participants who correctly guessed all 20 differences.

    Prize: 5 lottery tickets, 5 days Plus Account, 5 train coupons for each winner.

    🥉 3rd place: 3 number of winners per community, selected at random between all participants that found at least 10 differences.

    Prize: 3 lottery tickets, 3 rail coupons

    Participation rules
    - You can participate only in one community (e.g. COM, DE, FR, RU etc.): in forum by replying to this thread, or in Discord in channel #spring-spot-the-difference.

    - You can either write a detailed explanation of where the differences are, or you can circle/highlight the differences on the images, then upload your image on forum.
    Note: If you encounter any issue with the Attachment option of the forum, you can use an uploading website and post your link to the image.

    Example of uploading websites:
    Postimages — free image hosting / image upload
    ImgBB — Upload Image — Free Image Hosting
    Free Image Hosting - Upload Pictures Without Sign-up
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    The goodie bag that will be won by the fastest participant in each community:

    The goodie bag contains:

    • 1 messenger bag
    • 1 yellow pen
    • 1 webcam cover
    • 1 sticky notes
    • 1 Rail Nation notebook

    Find all the 20 differences as fast as you can!

    Good luck,

    Your Rail Nation team

  • First picture has a boxcar with "RN" painted on it, no bug on the box lid but on rock at bottom left, two daisy flowers at bottom left. Engine in first picture has two bumpers on it. The engine in picture two only has 1 bumper on it, has a boxcar with "PN" painted on it, a bug on the box lid, a tree in the field, a bird soaring above and near the engine, a daisy and two extra tulips on the right side of the rock

  • 1 bird in the background

    2 tree in the background

    3 window ont he engine

    4 bumper ont he engine

    5 RN logo ont he engine

    6 overhead line

    7 weel ont he second car

    8 RN letters or PN letters ont he second car

    9 the ladybug in different place

    10 1 star msissing on lottery ticket

    11 something int he grass int he left bottom corner

    12 something int he grass near the box left maybe a butterfy

    13 sparkle near the lottery ticket left upper corner

    14 the arrow on he pink ticket

    15 flowers below the little tree

    16 a flower int he right bottom corner

    17 a sparkle int he clood near the tree

    18 different picture inside the plus sign

    19 yelow flower in the bottom

    20 one more mountain peak on one picture

  • I have 20! I don't know if they match your list, but here they are:

    1) bird in right picture background above the engine

    2) tree in right picture

    3) no wires on the right

    4) Missing bumper on the left of the right picture engine

    5) No RN logo on the right engine

    6) Trailing wagon in right picture is missing a wheel

    7) right picture - lady bug on right side blue box lid

    8) White star is missing on bottom half of blue card on the right picture

    9) left side purple card has a green arrow

    10) Right side purple card has a white curved arrow

    11) left picture - sparkle up and left from blue card

    12) small yellow flower next to daisy on the right

    13) large yellow flower next to small yellow flower (from #12 above)

    14) lady bug in left picture on the stone to the left of the blue box

    15) right picture - yellow spot in the shade on ground under rock to the left of the blue box

    16) right picture - small yellow flower down low mid way between blue box and left edge of picture.

    17) right picture - larger yellow flower beside the smaller flower in #16

    18) left picture - pinkish flower in shaded valley near left side of picture

    19) left picture - a second pinkish flower deeper in the grass beside the other pinkish flower.

    20) right picture - white thing in the ground left of top corner of the blue box and up above left from where the lady bug is missing.

  • Dear players,

    as you might have noticed already, the Spot the difference contest has ended recently. We have received various responses and guesses from you but now it is time to unravel the secret and announce the winners of this competition.
    Please keep in mind that the winners of the 2nd as well as the 3rd Place were selected randomly between all participants who correctly guessed the respective amount of differences.:thumbup:

    :!: Competition Winners :!:

    1st Place:

    маг Нум

    2nd Place:


    Roger Willco

    naike (Marian)




    3rd Place:




    :!: Prizes :!:

    1st Place:

    200 gold, 10 lottery tickets, and 1 real Rail Nation Goodie bag! :Gold::Lottery:

    2nd Place:

    5 lottery tickets, 5 Days Plus Account and 5 train Coupons for each winner. :Lottery::engine1:

    3rd Place:

    3 lottery tickets and 3 train Coupons :Lottery::engine:


    Your Rail Nation Team

  • Hello dear players,

    all winners of the Spot the Difference Contest have been contacted and rewarded according to the final result.
    If you have not received your award for the competition yet, please reach out to me! :thumbup:

    Many thanks again for participating in the contest, we hope to see you in some more! :)

    Your Rail Nation Team