Changelog for Rollout

  • Dear players.
    Servers will be updated to version in the next update.
    Please see thread: Upcoming Maintenance 24.3 - 25.3.

    Bug fixes:

    • RN2018-12171 Train list: Fixed an issue with filter settings that could make the list being displayed empty.
    • RN2018-12299 Widget: Association: Fixed an issue that a watched video would not forward you to the reward but would count as watched.
    • RN2018-12317 Train list: Switching to and from the train list would display the plus account function bar in the train list.
    • RN2018-12308 Station: Fixed a calculation error for building upgrade costs when you have the building price reduction bonus simultaneously from the worker, the coupon, and the power bonus.
    • RN2018-12265 Station: If you have instant building coupons and building price reduction coupons, both of them will be displayed again in the building upgrade windows.
    • RN2018-11774 Shop: The cargo bonus engines no longer have the icon for a passenger train.
    • RN2018-11887 Shop: Checkout: deactivated payment methods are now displayed as deactivated.
    • RN2018-11210 Era change: Fixed an issue that would sometimes freeze the client on an era change.
    • RN2018-12288 Chat: Fixed a "null reference" error in the chat that could cause the client to crash.
    • RN2018-11587 Association: Fixed a "null reference" error that could cause the association screen to not open.
    • RN2018-8170 Tech tree: Fixed an issue that could cause a black screen when opening the tech tree with the animated research tree option activated.
    • RN2018-11237 Train list: Service: Percentage changes to the condition selector are now being saved.
    • RN2018-12172 Train list: Service: The condition selector will work again if you don't have enough money to repair all trains.
    • RN2018-11682 Station: Fixed an issue that would display negative upgrade costs for station buildings if you had the building price reduction worker and coupon at the same time.
    • RN2018-12085 City: Fixed an issue that would prevent login to the game if you had 45+ cities connected.
    • RN2018-12015 City: Active players from the city tooltip will no longer open the complete server ranking.
    • RN2018-11470 Association: It's possible again to change the color of the association crest without having a pattern selected.
    • RN2018-11247 Boost: corrected the header in the "activate boost" window.
    • RN2018-11940 Sitter: deactivated the possibility to delete saved schedules and schedule sets.
    • RN2018-11008 Shop: Corrected the wording of some buttons.
    • RN2018-11490 Train: the career engine has smoke again.
    • RN2018-11473 Added the country flags for Monaco and Vatican City.
    • RN2018-11797 Translation: EN (US) now consistently uses the word "facilities" in all texts.
    • RN2018-12203 Museum: reactivating trains from the museum with instant reactivation function will display them again instantly. ¨
    • RN2018-12377 Video: Fixed an issue that prevented a second video to be shown with an active Plus Account

    With Regards,
    Your Rail Nation Team