What can we do about multi accounts if the support doesn't find anything?

  • I won't give details about players and the team for which they play, it's not even needed, but I will walk you through history a bit.

    Three rounds ago on the server I've been playing for more than two years all of a sudden 10-12 new players (never played a round before) start joining this team. They've exhibit the same pattern when upgrading their station, which trains to buy, how to haul, where to lay tracks, everything. It was almost like they had the same mind, right? Keep in mind that these are NEW PLAYERS, completely NEW to this game.

    Naturally me and another chair opened a support ticket, Rail Nation says they'll investigate. A week goes by, two, nothing happens. I say to myself, maybe they didn't know how to look, I go and make them an Excel table with all their statistics, I even point to Rail Nation staff where to look to find odd behavior (like time spent online, competitions ran, licences bought, etc).

    They go and ask these players about their identity, minor questions, and their response was: "we live in the same house, some of us are co-workers". Imagine how convenient...

    I decide to let it go. This seems to be the general feel of some of the players around here.

    Of course those players continued to play that round, and the one that came after, and now this week I notice 3 of them suddenly go black dot (inactive) which is odd to happen in the same time for 3 of them. So I decide to flush out the rats and asked my team to silently push their end game city, see how they react.

    And what do you know, the rest of them started to activate all of a sudden, 4 of them online in the same time (a thing that never happened), and they all start to nicely spread their investments to keep their RG sites under majority. Two of them investing in Chemicals, rest investing in Machinery, the two RG sites they were managing.

    How about that, huh?

    What can I do in such a scenario? Open another support ticket only to have Rail Nation ask them about their lives again?

  • Nothing, because the rules of the game do not prohibit clones 8o

    And it also doesn't forbid the whole family to play in the game together with the cats and dogs ...

    And only this will remain the active players if the game does not stop losing players ...

  • We have to acept this is a lose battle... i'm leaving RN after server i'm playing ends... and more will follow... this is a kiiled game by the owner who will comite suicide... let it go...

  • Let's say i was involved in the prev history of this story. Prev rounds and this round....

    It is pretty frustrating to lose against bots or multi accounts....

    The simultanious reactivation of the accounts is at least remarkable. Same with the "coordinated" action to go black just last week of round.....

    Of course we can't prove that, but when it waggles like a duck, kwaks like a duck and looks like a duck, it probably is a duck......

  • seek the Zen of Rail Nation.

    there is a state of being, that I am far Far away from, where the actions of others don’t negatively effect your emotions and therefore your happiness. Try to not let it bother you.

    you’ve done all you can, you reported an issue and whatever actions support took or did not take has happened.

    only you control your actions, reactions, and emotions. How much time others put into the game, how much money others put into the game, how much cheating others do in the game is uncontrollable. Play your game, find your fun, try to not let what others do take that away.

  • Let me give you the other side of the coin.

    Mihai is running a guild of prestige hunters, and their city doesn't seem to have much of a chance to win.

    Suddenly, out of nothing, they decide to level the last round winner city out of it's perfect EG position, to punish it because of it's "multies".


    Yep, sure.

    Hypocrisy has to have some limits.

  • One of the teams from your alliance is harbouring multi accounts, all the proof is there. You have been denying it from the start, and at first I believed you but now, I don't want to speculate, it's just fishy.

    1. First, 10 new players suddenly drop into this team, no round played before, but they play perfectly, know exactly what to do, all of them. Right.

    2. Rail Nation starts to inquiry about them, they get rattled a bit and when the end game starts not a single account from those 10 was online during the entire duration. Right.

    3. Next round this team starts to roll with you, ok fine, but when the end game begins they all stay online for at least 16 hours and you have the audacity to call that team the best on the server. Right.

    4. Now this round, 3 of them go black dot (inactive) in the same time, raising my suspicions once more so I make a controversial call and what do you know, 4 of them pop online in the same time and start doing stuff very organized. Right.

    5. Yesterday I checked their engines to see what's what, all of them have the same service status, meaning that their engines were around 35-45%, hinting they've all logged off in the same time. Right.

    You and I have some bad blood, I agree. I'm a controversial person, I once again agree. But you're not looking at the facts so, I don't know. I don't want anything from you or with you, but if someone came to me and said: "you know, you have some shady players in your team" or "this team you're playing with has these accounts that seem fishy", my answer would be: "ok, let me keep an eye on them and see if they exhibit strange patterns".

    But I guess I'm just a hypocrite.

    P.S. Hypocrisy is when you accuse someone of doing something that you already did or currently doing. So use proper words next time.

  • Yes, there were new players when RS got reassembled. Kinda normal, they started in Milton, is it a surprise?

    They stayed online in EG. So did me, Bill, bunch of other people - this is happening when your team is an underdog, but wins, dosn't it? Especially when EG is on weekend ;)

    Engines low just before EG? Really? Most players I know take almost a day break before EG.

    What's next? All of them hauling the called good during EG?

    Try to start looking into unusual, inexplicable patterns - like 5 of them hauling grain into cattle in era 5, etc etc.

    Most of all, try not to cover your wrong actions with words. Stinks.

  • I'm not saying what I did was sportsmanlike, it was guerrilla tactics, that's on me (everybody knows it). I am not covering one with the other. It simply was a means to an end.

    But when Rail Nation queried them, their answer was: "we're co-workers, some of us live in the same house".

    When I first told you about them you simply said: "you are wrong", without questioning the facts or anything.

    When I've told you again, this round, your answer was: "ever heard of whatsapp, discord?".

    Everytime I try to tell you, listen, there's something wrong here, I hit a wall and you always find excuses for them.

    I've given you the walkthrough with objective perspective, no personal feelings or anything, just how it happened.

  • Even occurred to you that you may be wrong?

    That what you see are not dragons, but dragonflies?

    I taught you how to spot multies, obviously I didn't taught you well enough.

    You can teach someone only to the extent he wants to learn.

  • /Mihai, For your own good, try to let it go.

    This is a competitive game, players are ALWAYS going to push the boundaries on all fronts to get whatever edge they can. There will never be fairness in it.

    All you can do is play your game. Play it to the best of your abilities with your sense of honor. Let others do the same. Whatever the results are at the end of the round, you know you've done your best and can analyze how you (and your team) can do better.

  • I have an input into this conversation. I sometimes mirror Gambei in his hauling to the cities. I look at his train station to see where he is hauling from and how he is hauling so I get the most out of the goods and help out the most as I also did with you Mihai when you were playing in the same city. Am I another account for Gambei? Do you believe that I log on the same time as Gambei? No not possible. I am just trying to learn and mimic so I get the best out of my game and also help out my team the best I can. I haven't been able to do this for the last couple of rounds as I have more commitments and a new Grand baby. When I am off during EG I am able to pretty much follow every call. I probably play during the EG as much as Gambei. Is it possible that they are doing what I did with you and Gambei? It is easier to follow great players actions and keep up than it is to muddle through. You also get a feeling of what you guys are doing and learn why and how you are doing these actions. Helps me to understand the logic and be able to mimic and get better. Personally I hate multi accounts as it does exactly what you say these are doing it pisses people off and they end up quitting. But in this game I am here just to enjoy the game. I played Starfleet commander and that is what killed that game for me. The multi accounts would decimate the regular players and farm them. That is the good thing about this game you can't farm here. You can't decimate. What you can do is get better and enjoy the game. No muss no fuss. Personally I like you and was looking up to you. Gorilla tactics? I still like you. But? The bad blood between you and Gambei? The reason you 2 have bad blood is you both are extremely strong players and have a difference of opinions on how to play the game. Personally I like the way Gambei plays because it is calm and collected. He rolls with the punches. I get enough adrenalin when the tones drop and the lights/sirens come on. That is killing my body but my addiction. Lol. Adrenalin is a b*&^c. :thumbsup:

  • Just my take on this, and any other computer game, individual or mmo.

    People who cheat have the very dubious distinction of knowing they are cheats. If they are good at it I suppose, unprincipled as it may be, it brings them some sort of pathetic satisfaction. Feel sorry for them, they show themselves up and display their lack of integrity. Likewise, pity those who bully their way to whatever success they think they can achieve that way. The shame is theirs.

    Those who pay out money and then also cheat, are foolish beyond the comprehension of most people.

    Those who play the game well and who play fairly have the far greater satisfaction of knowing they have played an honourable game and whatever they have achieved they have achieved on their own merit. I applaud them all. It is hard to continue playing fairly against cheats and/or bullies. But, many do. They are the real winners. And, they are the people who make playing this game worthwhile. They are also the people without whom this game could not survive.

    It behoves the developers to take appropriate and decisive action against the Cheats and the Bullies. I see them and I find it reprehensible that they are permitted to continue unhindered.

    Unfortunately there is little if anything that we the honest and ethical majority can do.

    In this world there is nothing softer or thinner than Water.

    But to compel the Hard and Unyielding it has no equal.


  • Those 3 players that logged in immediately during the crisis, all of them in one minute, they're now missing the end game. How convenient.

    I'll tell you what happened, I stirred things up and someone got cold feet and decided to play it fair.

    As it should be anyway.

  • So, the EG is now over. Congratulations to your team, Mr. FairPlay.

    Couple of small questions :

    1. How fair is considered to force level your opponent's EG city to increase their EG quota?

    2. What do you know about a newbie called Joelock23, created in Era 6, which jumped on Pharma* immediately after Stamford entered EG and never logged back?

    3. What exactly did you get banned for during EG for 12h?

    Good luck in your future adventures, and please come back to tell us magical stories about dragons, multi-accounts and other fantastic creatures!




    * For those who are not aware Pharma is by far the most critical EG good in Stamford (Classic).

    It's has only 1 industry, 9 tracks away, always lvl1, and if messed up can block the city indefinitely.

    It's also in middle of nowhere, so you don't connect there by accident.

  • Thank you Gambei. For a city who, using your words: "didn't seem to have much chance of a win", we did pretty good finishing 13 goods ahead of the runner-up :)

    1. Depends on your perspective, but the players I've spoken with about this found it intriguing, fun and somewhat innovative, never done on COM2 at least, so by those standards I'd say we were pioneers. From my perspective it wasn't ethical, I'll give you that, but wasn't sabotage either since during the end game we never touched your city.

    2. I don't know anything about that player, I saw him doing what he did, you handled it gracefully, setting you back an hour at worse, after that I never saw any sabotage in Stamford, much like Pureshore never had any. Hartlefield had two FedEx players who were constantly messing their wait times and we had chriscb, LIELASTRIPA and walter565656 who did the same. Shall I inquire you about these last two, one star players, who messed only with our city? Furthermore your city seemed to have had a lot of new accounts created in Belham, some were in that association Belham Haulers, ready to haul for the EG but I guess someone got cold feet. And to top it all off, 6 (six) Red Skull members who "supposedly" were multi accounts and signed on withing 30 minutes during the crisis you had in Stamford with the forced level-up, never showed during the EG. Pretty interesting no for them to miss out on the most important event of the round? Care to defend them once again?

    3. You can ask Ken Boi since he was on our Discord channel and knows everything that went down, I got nothing to hide. And if you had one ounce of decency and respect you would understand why I did what I did, but feel free to PM me on Origin for details. I'm not upset over what happened, it's my fault and I am at peace with my choice. I would do it again if put in the same position.

    And to sum it up, previous round Red Skull had more "supposedly" multi accounts than they had this round, I believe it was around 8 or 10, and you had the audacity to call it the best team on the server and accuse me of hypocrisy. Let's just end this here, the round is over, justice has been served (to all parties). See you when you return playing and good luck on Origin too.


    I am once again running a city who doesn't seem to have much chance of a win :)

  • 1. It's as "unethical" as running rampart through uncalled EG goods, but more innovative? I see...

    2. I don't really care who of you created this char, but it was there on purpose - please don't try to convince me it was purely random action from a newbie.

    3. I'm not asking Ken Boi, I'm asking you, here in public, because your whole case here is not against supposed multies, but to justify your own actions. What did you got a ban for?